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Massive Predictions: Crew at FC Cincinnati

How will tonight’s Hell is Ready Derby go? The Massive Report staff gives their predictions.

Sam Fahmi - Massive Report

The Columbus Crew and FC Cincinnati rivalry started with the 2017 US Open Cup. While Cincinnati was in the USL, in the second tier of the U.S. system, they shocked a mix of Black & Gold backups and a few starters to move on in the annual tournament.

Since then, it's been Columbus’ series with the Crew winning five of nine MLS matches. Now it’s time for the 10th MLS edition of the rivalry with FC Cincinnati hoping to jump into an MLS Cup playoff spot and a second third win against the Black & Gold all-time.

Saturday’s match features rare intrigue in the rivalry, with both teams in the MLS Cup playoff hunt and Cincinnati looking the best the team has

All season, Massive Report writers predicted match outcomes but Saturday’s feels more important than any other so far this season. Here’s how the staff has prognosticated so far in 2022:

Massive Report 2022 Predictions

Name MP Correct Score/Result Correct Result Wrong Result Points
Name MP Correct Score/Result Correct Result Wrong Result Points
Patrick Murphy 26 5 7 14 22
Collin Johnson 26 4 5 16 17
Brian Moracz 26 3 6 17 15
Caleb Denorme 26 1 9 16 12
Nathan Townsend 21 1 7 13 10
Theodore Sovinski 13 1 6 6 9
Ryan Schmitt 16 1 5 10 8
Drew McDaniel 20 1 5 13 8
John Pearson 10 1 4 5 7
Abigail Hintz 6 1 3 2 6
Devin Weisberth 16 1 3 12 6
Thomas Costello 26 0 6 20 6
Adam Miller 20 0 5 15 5
Kyle Jackson 14 1 2 11 5
Tyler Fisher 5 0 2 3 2
Grant Miller 6 0 1 5 1

Now, let’s see what the group thinks about the Hell is Real Derby.

Adam Miller

Hell is Real part two is back as the Crew looks to continue as the best team in Ohio. In addition to the importance of this match as a derby, it’s also a crucial one in the Eastern Conference standings. Thus, each side will be going for it on Saturday night.

When each side is going for it, the Crew is the better team. The Crew will take the lead early thanks to a goal from Cucho Hernandez assisted by Luis Diaz. Cincinnati will push forward as the game continues before a late goal from Hernandez again gives the Crew a second 2-0 victory against the team’s rivals.
Columbus Crew 2 FC Cincinnati 0

Brian Moracz

The Columbus Crew comes off an incredibly disappointing home performance against Atlanta United that ended in the Black & Gold’s 11th draw of the season. However, it was not necessarily the result that caused the greatest disappointment in the hearts of supporters, but rather the lack of energy and passion the Crew showed throughout the match.

I am choosing to believe that the lapse in energy was a one-match thing and will not continue into Saturday’s match against Cincinnati and beyond. It can’t because you better believe that Cincinnati is ready to bring the juice.

Cincinnati brings the juice. Columbus brings more juice. The Crewwins the match.

Two goals from Cucho Hernandez sees this one go to the visitors.
Columbus Crew 2 FC Cincinnati 1

Caleb Denorme

Hell descends on Cincinnati this weekend for a clash between Ohio’s two MLS clubs. With FC Cincinnati and Columbus very much in the middle of a heated playoff race, this game has immense implications. I believe the Crew can go down south and claim all three points, but I think it will be hard stopping the Cincinnati offense from making the Black & Gold pay. This game will feature another spectacular Cucho Hernandez performance, propelling Columbus to a much-needed three points.
Columbus Crew 2 FC Cincinnati 1

Collin Johnson

Maybe the most full-strength Hell is Real Derbyy of all time is finally here and both teams are in dire need of a win as the playoff push intensifies. FC Cincinnati hasn’t lost a match since coming to Columbus in July, while the Crew has only lost once since the final match in May.

Both teams have done much more drawing than either fanbase is happy with so three points are a must on Saturday. With Lucho Acosta back in the squad, Cincinnati should have a more potent attack than the last time the two met. Aidan Morris is more than capable of stepping in for Artur in a big match but the Black & Gold will miss the presence of Pedro Santos, even if Will Sands is starting to find his way.

This will be a nervy, close match with FC Cincy grabbing an early goal but the Crew fight back to secure a point on the road.
Columbus Crew 1 FC Cincinnati 1

Drew McDaniel

The Crew and FC Cincinnati will each score in the first half of play. One goal for Cucho Hernandez and one for Brenner. As the game gets to the latter portion, Columbus will give up a goal to Brandon Vazquez, but Cincinnati will concede a penalty late that Lucas Zelarayan will bury.
Columbus Crew 2 FC Cincinnati 2

Pat Murphy

This is a bad time for the Crew to go in a rivalry match. I know the record says the Black & Gold have just one loss in the last 13 games, but three out of the last four have been rather disappointing. In fact, the last solid 90-minute performance Columbus put together was against Cincinnati home. I bet FC Cincy will have that game in mind heading into another Hell is Real Derby.

I know fans are excited about Aidan Morris getting the start, and he will likely add energy, but I think the Crew will miss the veteran presence of Aidan Morris. Too much reliance on two offensive players, in Cucho Hernandez and Lucas Zelarayan, will become too much for the Black & Gold going with an opponent who has a balanced attack and FC Cincinnati makes a jump in the MLS Cup playoff standings.
FC Cincinnati 2 Columbus Crew 1

Thomas Costello

I think Columbus’ 2-2 draw against Atlanta United came at the right time. It’s hard to imagine the Crew lacking intensity for two straight matches. Both teams will start the match with high energy, and Cucho Hernández will feed off of it. Hernández puts the Black & Gold up early but the Crew defense will struggle against Brandon Vazquez, Brenner and Luciano Acosta.

Vazquez puts the home side level before the end of the first half. Crew winger Luis Díaz scores his second goal of the season in the second half but Acosta finds the match tying goal.

It’ll still be an exciting match where a draw doesn’t feel like a loss.
Columbus Crew 2 FC Cincinnati 2

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