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Massive Predictions: Crew at Atlanta United

Can Columbus turn things around in Atlanta? The Massive Report staff shares their predictions.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Atlanta United FC Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t been an easy road for the Columbus Crew in 2022. The Black & Gold are in another losing streak, this time only two matches after two straight 2-0 losses to New York City FC and LAFC.

Now, Columbus faces Atlanta United, who sits three points ahead of the Crew in the Eastern Conference standings. Question marks surround the Black & Gold for their trip south, including midfielder Lucas Zelarayán’s continuing injury concern, an allergy to scoring goals and a defense that’s dipping under the pressure.

Before Massive Report shares writers’ predictions, here’s how the group’s done so far in the 2022 season:

Massive Report 2022 Predictions

Name MP Correct Score/Result Correct Result Wrong Result Points
Name MP Correct Score/Result Correct Result Wrong Result Points
Patrick Murphy 13 2 5 6 11
Brian Moracz 13 2 5 6 11
Collin Johnson 12 2 3 7 9
Theodore Sovinski 13 1 6 6 9
Caleb Denorme 13 1 4 8 7
Drew McDaniel 11 1 3 7 6
Abigail Hintz 6 1 3 2 6
Ryan Schmitt 9 1 2 6 5
Kyle Jackson 6 1 1 4 4
John Pearson 9 0 4 5 4
Nathan Townsend 11 0 3 8 3
Adam Miller 13 0 3 10 3
Thomas Costello 13 0 3 10 3
Grant Miller 6 0 1 5 1
Tyler Fisher 4 0 1 3 1
Devin Weisberth 9 0 1 8 1

Here are the prognostications for Saturday’s match:

Adam Miller

The Crew travel to Atlanta, with hopes of getting back to winning ways this Saturday. The Crew has won just once on the road since beating the Five Stripes in Atlanta last summer in the “Kanye West Game.” This one is going to be an ugly performance from the Black & Gold, but in a good way.

The Crew is going to sit back and defend, try to keep the ball but more importantly keep the Atlanta attack in front of them. The Crew will threaten Atlanta on the counterattack before drawing a penalty that’s converted by Pedro Santos to give the Black & Gold a 1-0 win in Atlanta and get them back to winning ways.
Columbus Crew 1 Atlanta United 0

Brian Moracz

Although only three points ahead of the Crew in the Eastern Conference table, Atlanta United seems to be in a much better place as a team. Despite long-term injuries to key players, Atlanta has started to play a very exciting brand of soccer. Their attack is coming together despite the loss of Josef Martinez, with Luiz Araujo and league-record signing Thiago Almada leading the way.

The Black & Gold will have their hands full and with the way the defense is performing, I don’t expect this one to go well. Also, the Crew has only won three road games dating back to the start of the 2020 season, so why would this game go any differently? Ronaldo Cisneros and Almada score for The Five Stripes and Columbus is shutout on the road.
Atlanta United 2 Columbus Crew 0

Caleb Denorme

This is a pivotal road game for the Crew on Saturday. Atlanta is a game where Columbus can grab a positive result and hopefully get their season back on track, but the Black & Gold still need to prove that they can score goals while also defending well.

I see this game ending in a draw, with goals coming from Yaw Yeboah and Atlanta’s Thiago Almada. Again, I believe anything other than a loss will be positive for Columbus, but the inability to score goals from the striker position is going to bite the Crew in this game.
Columbus Crew 1 Atlanta United 1

Collin Johnson

It’s a long season but the last two matches were of the “throw your hands in the air in frustration” variety. No one should be surprised about a loss at Yankee Stadium but there is plenty of reason to be frustrated by last week’s home-field defeat to LAFC. Atlanta isn’t playing much better than the Crew and sits only three points ahead of the Black & Gold. Until Columbus actually start winning on the road it’s going to be hard to believe that the Crew can get the road results.
Atlanta United 1 Columbus Crew 0

Devin Weisbarth

Columbus has not been good on the road. The Black & Gold have yet to get a road win this season and have a total of four points in away games this season and that is something that has hurt them in the past. With Lucas Zelarayán questionable, the Crew will have to get goals from somewhere and someone, as they were once again held scoreless last weekend. Atlanta has a long injury list, but Columbus isn’t good on the road. Will one of those prove to be the difference? We shall see.
Columbus Crew 1 Atlanta United 1

Drew McDaniel

The Crew is having a torrid May and the trip to Atlanta will not provide any relief. Columbus will score but difficulty in the defense will lead to more goals leaked by the backline.
Atlanta United 2 Columbus Crew 1

John Pearson

Columbus and Atlanta are about as even as teams can get at this point in the season. The Crew is away, which does require a cartoonish level nervous gulp, but I am going to go against my better judgment and believe it’s going to be a weekend of redemption as Columbus will finally get a win away from Field (and Liverpool defeat Real Madrid).

On the surface, it might look like a bit of a wild take, but with how shaky Atlanta’s defense has been, and the team's poor save percentage of 56.1 percent, if Columbus can get shots in the penalty box, which is not a problem for them, the visitors might be a way to steal this one.

The Crew does well in getting shots in the attacking area, often they are skyed or off target. Deep breaths, and a willingness to take the shots even if it means failing, might be the ingredients for success. I realize I’m asking a lot.

Columbus finds the net twice from Lucas Zelarayán (if he plays. If he doesn’t, A LOT of deep breaths), while Atlanta gets a goal from Almada.
Columbus Crew 2 Atlanta United 1

Nathan Townsend

If you ignore the two calamitous mistakes, the Crew was the better team last week and have been for most of the season. Eventually, that has to start leading to results… right?

Regardless, Atlanta is a team ripe for the taking, with their many injuries starting to add up. The Black & Gold should win and I’m actually predicting forward Miguel Berry rebounds from his string of poor performances and scores a brace to secure a rare road victory.
Columbus Crew 2 Atlanta United 1

Patrick Murphy

Given the lack of wins on the road, it’s hard to predict the Crew gets a win on the road. But the Black & Gold have done moderately well at Mercedes-Benz Stadium of late. Both of these teams have underachieved so far this year, with Atlanta three points ahead but having played more games.

These two teams often make for entertaining games and an interesting tactical battle. The Columbus backline will need to be much better than in recent games against a United attack that can interchange well and is rather dangerous. I think the Crew will be extra defensive in this one to try and get a result. I believe it will work.
Columbus Crew 1 Atlanta United 1

Ryan Schmitt

I’m going to be honest, given Columbus’ recent form, I don’t think the Crew can win. Nothing is clean or done with any intention that would end up with the ball in the back of the net. Given that, I still think the Crew will win. Playing on turf and in a dome means that the elements have little to no impact and the Black & Gold isn’t injured as badly as Atlanta.
Columbus Crew 1 Atlanta United 0

Thomas Costello

This matchup will look a lot like the Crew’s 0-0 road draw to Sporting Kansas City. The Black & Gold sit back and buy their time, taking chances on the counter. That means Columbus’ three-man midfield can slow down Thiago Almada from continuing his 2022 tear.

Darlington Nagbe isn’t someone that has back-to-back tough matches and I anticipate he comes back in a big way, meaning he plays like he usually plays. Lucas Zelarayán sits with a match on turf and potentially two weeks away from match minutes, putting Columbus’ offense on life support.

Atlanta’s Josef Martinez is reported to return this weekend in some capacity. Martinez enters the match in the second half and scores the match winner.
Atlanta United 1 Columbus Crew 0

What do you think will happen? Share your prediction in the comments below or on the Massive Report Twitter page.