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Massive Introduction: Ryan Schmitt

Editor’s note: As Massive Report expands its staff, we will introduce each new member by having them write a little something about themselves to help the MR community get to know them. Who are they? What’s their soccer background? How long have they been a fan of the Crew? Whatever they want to share to introduce themselves to our great and loyal readers. Today we introduce Ryan Schmitt.

What’s up, Massive Report readers! I’m Ryan Schmitt and I’m a college student at the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina where I am a goalkeeper on our school’s soccer team. I lived in Columbus for 10 years before moving to Orlando, Florida, where I’ve been for the past eight years of my life. But the Columbus Crew has been the one thing that has always stuck with me and connected me back to Ohio’s capital city.

I spent my high school years as a yearbook staffer, where I wrote many stories and enjoyed being a journalist, so I’m extremely happy to be on staff with Massive Report and cover the greatest team the world has ever seen, the Crew.

I’ve played soccer since the age of two years old. My earliest memories include playing with an old size 1 Crew ball and cleats in my Dublin, Ohio backyard while learning how to kick a ball with my dad. As I got a little bit older, attending Crew games made me fall in love with the game even more. Watching games with my dad, watching the Nordecke, or the Hudson Street Hooligans for five-year-old Ryan, throw up smoke bombs, chant and even just try and catch foam soccer balls from the upper deck made me want to come back more.

Whatever it was that took place at games, it worked for me and now I’m a lifelong fan.

Besides journalism and soccer, statistics have become a big passion of mine, and figuring out ways to integrate them into sports, more specifically, soccer. Brentford’s approach to expected goals scouting amazes me to the point where I’m building an xG predictor right now with my own data collections. But as chaotic as the sport of soccer is, statistics are an untapped potential and are only recently being used at a high level.

This season excites me. It’s a new beginning from last year and the Crew became younger and added dangerous pieces. I look forward to (hopefully) attending my first game at Field in the summer and continuing to talk about the Black & Gold through my work at Massive Report. Glory to Columbus!