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Massive Introduction: Caleb Denorme

Unlike many Crew fans, Caleb didn’t start going to games for the soccer.

Editor’s note: As Massive Report expands its staff, we will introduce each new member by having them write a little something about themselves to help the MR community get to know them. Who are they? What’s their soccer background? How long have they been a fan of the Crew? Whatever they want to share to introduce themselves to our great and loyal readers. Today we introduce Caleb Denorme.

The first Columbus Crew game I remember attending was in 2010. At the time I was eight years old and soccer was not my first priority. In fact, I couldn’t care less about the Crew or any soccer to be frank. I was in it for the popcorn.

Yes, the reward for sitting through the first 45 minutes of a game for me was a quick trip to the concession stands for my dad to get me a tub of popcorn. Cool stadium, awesome atmosphere and America’s Hardest Working Team weren’t enough for me. To get me dialed in I needed the popcorn.

The beginning of my Crew fandom actually came at one of these games, when I finally decided to focus in on the game instead of the food sitting in my lap. I marveled at Federico Higuain’s magic, Justin Meram’s finishing, Ethan Finlay’s speed and Steve Clark’s goalkeeping. This was the turning point for me. I was officially hooked.

My name is Caleb Denorme and I am a high school student at nearby Worthington Christian High School. One of the things I’ve always loved about going to Crew games is the people. The Black & Gold fanbase is one of the most diverse, but close-knit fanbases I have ever seen. You have friendly people from all walks of life coming together to support a team of players from all different parts of the globe. This is what truly makes soccer the most beautiful game in the world.

My dad was one of those people. He was born in Belgium but came to the United States a few years after he was born. After coming to Columbus, he became a fan of the team, something I’m fortunate to say he passed onto me. Many times, we would find ourselves sitting in what is now historic Crew Stadium lost in conversation about the game. We may have both gotten older since he brought me to my first game, but our tradition of popcorn when the clock hit 45:00 remained the same. After his passing in 2020, I realized how fortunate I was to have a father who shared his passions with me, and I cherish those memories even more now.

Going to Crew games prompted me to get involved in the sport of soccer. In my later elementary school years, I formed a team with a group of my friends called Team Impact. From there I went on to play goalkeeper for my middle school team and in high school at Worthington Christian. I was fortunate enough to grow close and play alongside a lot of my friends throughout middle and high school, and even won a few games as well as a district title along the way.

Watching the Crew prompted me to play the sport of soccer and form some of the strongest relationships I have today, and I am eternally grateful for that.

My plan for the future is to go to college and study Sports Media and Journalism, which is what prompted me to apply for a position with the Massive Report. I’m happy to be a part of a team of individuals that love the Crew and want to share that love with you. I’m looking forward to reporting about the Black & Gold, and hopefully watching the team add a third star to the crest this upcoming season.

If you want to catch me at an upcoming game, check your nearest concessions stand at halftime to catch up and share some popcorn. Glory to Columbus and God bless!