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It’s been a CRAZY week for the team and the fans on and off the field. While the release of the new branding was awful, that play on the field was equally as bad. There was an upside though. Columbus Crew ownership and management actually heard and considered the almost universal outrage and obliteration of the new crest and did something most professional sports organizations wouldn’t normally do. They reached out to core supporters in order to fix the mistake. While this was not a complete reversal, valuable compromise and progress was made and a new way forward was established.

On this week’s episode, we were joined by Ty Phillips from the Nordecke, who was at the collaboration meeting to provide a look into how things went down and how the supporters' groups leadership felt afterwards.

As usual Brian, Patrick, Orri, Alex, Bart, and Sam looked ahead to the game against NYCFC in New York this weekend and gave mostly happier score predictions than last week.