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MR Countdown: 15 most memorable Crew Stadium moments coming

With just a few months left of historic Crew Stadium, we will count down the 15 most memorable moments.

American Soccer - MLS - Columbus Crew v Washington DC United Photo by Matthew Ashton/EMPICS via Getty Images

It’s hard to believe we have reached this point in Columbus Crew history. Since 1999, historic Crew Stadium, which has gone by other names, has been the site for significant events in the Columbus community and in American soccer history. This July, the team moves down to the Black & Gold’s new stadium but that history will remain.

So how should we close out the first professional soccer specific stadium in the United States? Massive Report decided to reminisce about the times the sport we love was played in that stadium and how it brought this city and country together over the last 22 years.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will count down the 15 most memorable moments in Crew Stadium history as voted on by our staff. The criteria for events is simple. We looked for soccer moments that had a lasting impact on the history of not only Crew soccer but Columbus and U.S. Soccer as well. So as much as some of you may remember those Kenny Chesney concerts at the stadium or Rock on the Range, non-soccer events were not included in the voting process for this countdown.

The entire Massive Report came together to nominate their favorite moments in the stadium’s history. Each writer then ranked the 15 moments they felt would crack their individual list as the best moments in the stadium’s history. The submissions from each writer were tallied and that’s how we came to our consensus list.

Massive Report counted the number of times a specific moment was submitted to determine if it would make the top 15. After the 15 moments with the most submissions were finalized, the second step was to average the placements of the moments. The averages of those placements was how we came to the order you will see on our site over the next couple of weeks.

Each moment we chose will have a full article to take you back and explain why that moment was chosen. Multiple stories will feature first-hand accounts from those events as multiple Massive Report staff members were present as fans or writers for many historic moments in the rich history of Crew Stadium.

You can want to be apart of the discussion as well. Our comment section, as always, will be open and you can give your opinions below each article or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #MRStadium to join in on the debate.