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Reaction: Crew fans give their thoughts on the new ‘Inaugural Stadium’ kit

There’s a new Crew kit in town, so of course supporters had to give their thoughts

The Columbus Crew unveiled the team’s new 2021 “Innagural Stadium kit to the public on Tuesday morning. As is the case when these things debut, there was plenty of reaction from the supporters, most of it mixed.

It’s a slick look for the Black & Gold with a grey jersey and the new stadium roof pattern mixed in along with yellow trim. The debuted kit also featured yellow shorts that were worn last year with the yellow socks, although that may change depending on the competition the kit is worn in.

There were plenty of different opinions thrown around on social media by the Crew faithful, more being disappointed or upset than anything.

Fans were disappointed that the two stars on the kit, that represent the Crew’s two MLS Cup championships, including the one won just last year, are difficult to see with silvery on grey.

Not everyone hated the Crew’s new 2021 secondary kit, with some fans attempting to put a positive spin on the release.

There were even some fans who already made their own edits to the kit — which again, won’t necessarily feature the gold shorts and gold socks.

And if you don’t like the new grey kit, have no fear. The gold look is not going anywhere and could be back sooner than you think.

And while many Crew fans take new kits very seriously, some decided to be a bit more lighthearted with their thoughts on the new look for the Black & Gold.

And while all of this reaction will likely subside, it may boil back to the surface once the Crew takes the field this year and the grey kits make their official debut on the players. The first time that could happen is on April 8 when the Black & Gold (Black & Grey with a Gold trim?) travel to Real Esteli in the Round of 16 in the CONCACAF Champions League.