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PODCAST: The Crew Review - Legends fantasy draft

Which Black & Gold greats made the cut in our Crew legends draft?

The fans chant “Columbus is the greatest team the world has ever seen,” but who are the greatest players to ever play for the Columbus Crew? That’s a question we wanted to answer.

This led to a Crew legends fantasy draft on The Crew Review Podcast. Massive Report contributors Thomas Costello, Adam Miller and Doug Hildreth joined host Andrew Atkins to take on the daunting task of drafting a five-a-side squad comprised entirely of Crew legends.

The hosts were each tasked with drafting five field players, a goalkeeper and a manager from the 25-year history of Major League Soccer’s charter club.

Obvious legends the likes Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Brian McBride and Frankie Hejduk’s names were plucked off of the table early in the draft, certain current roster members make surprise appearances very early on and throughout the draft, a testament to the talent that brought the MLS Cup back to Columbus in 2020.

While certain names stand on their own and have no need for explanation, the draft got dicey and the conversation got heated when a controversial goalkeeper made his appearance late in the game.

When the dust settled, and the rosters were assembled, the group turned to the listening audience to vote and solidify which five-a-side squad is truly the best in the storied history of the Crew.

Hear the full episode below, and cast your vote and join in the conversation on social media at Crew Review’s Twitter.