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PODCAST: The Crew Review - recapping the tough loss vs. Toronto FC

We gave our immediate reactions to the Black & Gold’s Trillium Cup loss.

Thomas Costello joined host Andrew Atkins on The Crew Review Podcast, the Columbus Crew SC postgame show where Andrew and a rotating co-host from Massive Report recap and review every Crew match.

The hosts gave their “emotional overreactions” to the Crew’s loss to Toronto FC and broke down the highlights of each half before giving their overall thoughts of the game. After the match, the hosts named their “best-best and worst-best” Columbus players of the game and gave predictions for the upcoming match against FC Dallas on Saturday. Following our review of the match, the hosts turned to you, the listeners, to hear your Crew Review, reading your review live on air before the end of every episode.

Here is what you’ll get from this week’s episode:

What did we think of the Crew’s performance against the Reds?

Was Columbus exposed as being so successful due to its schedule, or was it just an off night?

Should Jozy Altidore have received a red card for his second foul against Luis Diaz?

Can the Crew realistically go all the way this year?

Listen as we answer these questions, and review the Columbus Crew’s performance against the Reds.