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Massive Football Manager: Tom (Crew) vs. Orri (Fire)

We got our first matchup between two writers as Tom and Orri clash to end March

During the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused an ongoing pause in the 2020 Major League Soccer season, we’re looking for creative ways to bring you soccer content. A group of our writers got together on Football Manager and picked MLS teams to bring some form of soccer, even if it’s simulated, to fans’ lives.

Tyler Fisher is managing Atlanta United, Orri Benatar took over at the Chicago Fire and Thomas Babcock is running Columbus Crew SC. To catch up, check out the first two parts of the series:

Part 1 - The Beginning

Part 2 - Adjustments in March

For today, we have a video to end the month of March, in the game, and it is actioned packed. We get an update and discussion from the managers (with face cameras on this time) talking about the highs and lows so far. Tyler and Tom have started with a lot of highs while Orri has had nothing but lows with the Fire.

Today we show you two games and you don’t want to miss them. Tyler leads us off with Atlanta United getting its first taste of FC Cincinnati and then we close out this video with the big one: Crew vs. Fire, Tom vs. Orri!

One of the positives about playing Football Manager with your friends in the same league is you get to play them to attempt to get the last laugh with actual results. On the last day of March, Tom’s Crew host Orri’s Fire in one of the wildest games you’ll ever see.

The season is just starting to get at its most exciting point. Stay tuned to Massive Report to learn more about the season with regular updates.

Enjoy, stay safe, and stay massive!