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Massive Report staff’s Crew jersey collections

Take a look at the jersey collections of the Massive Report staff.

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MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Tampa Bay Rowdies at Columbus Crew SC Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer jerseys, even more than jerseys for other sports, have become a collector’s item for fans. The Massive Report staff is no exception. As we celebrate SB Nation’s Jersey Week, let’s take a look at the Crew jersey collection of each staff member.

Derrick Smith

Collection: I have a few Crew jerseys. When I was a teenager, I hung on the rail as many do at that age. I had just completed a mission trip to Costa Rica and fell in love with the country. So naturally, any Tico who donned the black and gold was a favorite of mine as a teen. Andy Herron (2007) threw me his Jersey and I still have it to this day.

Jersey Memories: Frankie Hejduk gave my wife his jersey after a picture at a 2008 playoff meet-and-greet at a local pub. He wanted to lose the shirt so he could just have a drink with his friends and “get off the clock.”

Other Gear: I also picked up some gear from the annual team sale at Obetz. I still use Kei Kamara’s (first stint) travel bag when I need to check a bag.

Jay Homan

Collection: The 2018 and 2019 black “death” kit with “Trapp 6” on the back.

Some background. I bought the jersey in January of 2019 once the new ownership of the Crew was confirmed. And was in a toss-up between Wil Trapp and Federico Higuain, but decided to go with the captain (in hopes he was going to stick around a little longer).

Sam Fahmi

Collection: First actual Crew jersey is a 2008 black kit, WITHOUT the Glidden sponsorship, that was purchased after the ‘08 season. I have a set of home and away 1996 jerseys with their tags still on. Those were a gift from a good friend. The 2020 Black Nationwide Children’s Hospital jersey, 2019 black and yellow jerseys (my first ever and only authentic jerseys in my collection), 2017 black jersey, 2015 black jersey with “Studio79” on the back (most worn), 2015 black and silver keeper long sleeve jersey and 2018 Save The Crew community kit.

Doug Hildreth

Collection: I got my very first Crew jersey this year, getting the new yellow for this season. When I really got interested in the Crew before last season, I loved the 2017 jersey with the Ohio flag over the name, but could never track it down.

First Jersey: The first jersey I ever got was a Cleveland Browns Eric Metcalf jersey I got for Christmas. I loved that jersey and wore it all the time until the Browns moved about a year later. Since then, I’ve had pretty terrible luck with jerseys. Usually within a few months of purchasing a jersey, said player is traded, injured or a bust.

Jersey Memories: The two most meaningful jerseys I own now are: my first Liverpool FC jersey I ever got and a Columbus Blue Jackets third-sweater my now-wife (at that time girlfriend) got me for our first Valentine’s Day. It’s still one of my favorites.

Patrick Guldan

Collection: 1996 Black (original), 1998 white with yellow stripes, 2001/2002 yellow with “Commander stripes” banding the sleeves, 2002 grey US Open Cup jersey, 2008 yellow (team signed), 2008 black “Ajax” jersey.

Other Gear: Beyond jerseys, I did get some items from the team gear sales. I have/had Danny Szetela and Eric Vasquez pullovers from 2005. I also have a coaches warmup jacket with a “RW” sharpied onto the tag from 2006. I also got an Adam Moffet sweatshirt with underarm stripes and coordinated training pants from 2008. I stopped buying team gear in the 2008 season as I transferred to the press box the next year.

Jersey Memories: I bought the 2001/02 jersey early in my Crew fandom. I believe it was on sale as they were switching over to 2003 and I was always looking for a value. I don’t have a favorite jersey in my collection and it’s been a decade since I’ve put any of them on. I’ve thought about getting rid of them, but I’ve consistently held off. I guess I’m too much of a sentimentalist.

David Hageman

Collection: Above are the jerseys in my collection, all of which are yellow except as noted, and none of which have names or numbers (although this year I’m going to get the black Nationwide Children’s jersey with either Darlington Nagbe or Jonathon Mensah). Top row, from left to right: 2001-2002; 2008-2009; 2014; 2015. Bottom row, from left to right: 2019; 2018; #SavetheCrew; 2015 black.

Jersey Memories: The first jersey I got and one that’s probably the most meaningful is the 2001-2002 shirt. I had just moved out of Ohio for the first time to go to grad school in Illinois. I was broke so spending $70 on a jersey was ill-advised to say the least but it gave me a link back to Ohio (this was at a time when the Crew were still calling themselves Ohio’s team). Thanks to the magic of the internet I was able to follow the team more closely, as well. I’ve got a lot more to say about this particular shirt and time in my life and nostalgia but that’s perhaps best saved for a separate article.

Drew Niccum

Collection: A 2017 pink (or salmon) goalkeeper kit with “Steffen 23,” the first player jersey I received, 2016 black with “Parkhurst 4,” 2016 black long sleeve with “O Kamara 17,” 2017 black with “Meram 9,” 2018 yellow with “Valenzuela 19,” 2018 red goalkeeper, “2019 pride jersey,” 2019 black with “Artur 8, a gray training jersey and a yellow training jersey.

Jersey Memories: The most meaningful jersey for me is a tough one, especially because I went to a lot of effort to get the Michael Parkhurst and Ola Kamara ones. But, I’ll say it’s my Justin Meram jersey. I got it from the clearance rack in the Crew shop moments before his first game back from Orlando City and I immediately put it on, I was so happy to have him back. I love Meram and I love this jersey.

Eliot McKinley

Collection: A 1996 black with no name/number. This was my first Crew jersey, obviously. I remember my dad taking me to Soccer Plus in Westerville to get it. It was a few sizes too big, which looked ridiculous on an 11-year-old, but now fits me as an adult perfectly. I have 2002 yellow ”McKinley 6.” My high school, St. Charles, used to have a Crew player, Brian West in my case, come to the end of the year reception and give us a personalized jersey. Unfortunately, it was an extra large, which is still much too massive for me to this day.

I also have a 2008 Yellow, no name/number, 2010 Black, no name/number, 2012 White long-sleeve, no name/number, 2015 Black long-sleeve, no name/number, 2016 For Columbus, no name/number, 2018 Save The Crew, no name/number, 2018 Yellow, “Valenzuela 19.”

Jersey Memories: The 2018 Save the Crew kit is the most meaningful to me having spent much of my free time in 2018 doing what I could from afar to help save the Crew. The bumblebee look is my favorite, even though it is not official. Related: The STC t-shirt I wore to a 2018 MLS All-Star party where Anthony Precourt gave me a hug will also be forever cherished.

Collin Johnson

Collection: I did my best recreation of the 2018 black kit floor reveal (above). Top, from left to right: 2003-2004, 2005 MLS Sierra Mist All-Star Game in Columbus (Frankie Hejduk was the only Crew representative in a match where the All-Stars beat Brian McBride’s Fulham 4-1), 2009, 2015 with “Trapp 20” (I also have a signed “Meram 9” of this jersey but more about that later). Bottom, from left to right: 2016 ‘For Columbus’ with “Kamara 23,” 2017, 2018-19.

Not pictured: 2001 black (lost but hopefully buried in a drawer in my childhood bedroom) and 2006-2007 yellow long sleeve (I gave this away at MLS Cup 2015).

First Jersey: Has to be the 2001 black jersey that is lost somewhere. The 2001 season is the first that I can remember having season tickets, and my dad bought me an adult medium jersey that wore like an XXL.

Jersey Memories: My favorite jersey in my collection is a 2015 signed Justin Meram jersey. This jersey was a gift from a law school friend who married the friend-of-a-friend of the Meram family. It’s the only jersey that I have taken the time to frame and hang up in my house.