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Which kit is iconically the Crew?

Which year’s kit do you think of when you hear Columbus Crew?

Columbus Crew SC striker Gyasi Zardes celebrates one of his two goals in Nippert Stadium.
Ralph Schudel - Massive Report

The sports world is not short on iconic team jerseys. When you hear the Boston Celtics, you think green and white. If you see a tweet about the New York Yankees, you’re likely to imagine their iconic pinstripes. You know the Dallas Cowboys white uniforms with blue trim.

As Massive Report celebrates Jersey Week, focusing on the various kits adorned by Columbus Crew SC over the team’s 25 years of existence, an important question is which kit comes to mind when you think of the Columbus Crew? Not which is the club’s best kit, no. It’s a different question but can elicit the same variety of responses.

Massive Report asked you, the supporters, what year’s kit comes to mind when you think about the Crew To many, two simple words come to mind: banana kit.

For other Crew fans, there are specific years, and reasons, for what they imagine when they think about the Black & Gold. Those answers, and reasons for those answers, are as numerous as the number of kits the club has worn in its history.

These reasons are often connected to the experience of the fan. Someone who started following during the fight to keep the team in Columbus may opt for the yellow with checkered stripes that MLS Comeback Player of the Year Gyasi Zardes wore when he netted 19 goals in 2018. There are people that imagine the powder blue shorts and Columbus-themed stripe of the ‘For Columbus’ kit, although no one publicly admitted when asked for this story.

Other brains go for the classic yellow Glidden top worn by Frankie Hejduk and the Crew as they won the 2008 MLS Cup.

For those older supporters, or those who have been around longer, who saw the first-ever Crew match at Ohio Stadium, they may go for the black with yellow stripes adorned by Brian McBride and his teammates in 1996.

Sometimes people just can’t choose one.

Still others imagine a certain jersey because it just looks so darn good.

Kits aren’t always connected to moments on the field. They are attached to family and special life moments too. It could be a kit that one day will lose its color from the amount of washes or the first kit that you ever purchased.

It can even be a kit that never saw the field of play in a Crew match, but can arguably be the most popular kit in 25 years.

The Save the Crew Community Kit

Ultimately, this a trick question because there is no one correct answer. Being the first club in Major League Soccer gives decades of choices. No matter which kit you choose, it’s the right answer for you. Other teams in might Major League Soccer change their logo, name and colors but black and yellow is Columbus.