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MLS extends training moratorium again due to coronavirus

Crew players cannot train for another week.

Sam Fahmi/Massive Report

Some day there will be soccer again in the United States. When that day will come, we’re still unsure. But it won’t be soon.

Major League Soccer posted a statement Friday afternoon extending the league’s training postponement another week due to the coronavirus pandemic. MLS stated:

“Major League Soccer has extended the team training moratorium through, and including, Friday, March 27. During this time, MLS players are expected to remain in each club’s respective market and have been advised to exercise safe social distancing measures.”

“At this time, team training facilities may only be accessed for physical therapy purposes at the direction of the club medical staff to ensure adherence to safety protocols.”

“MLS remains in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) on this continually evolving situation and will provide further updates at they become available.”

Columbus Crew SC players as of now cannot return to train at the team’s Obetz practice facility until, at the earliest, Saturday, March 28. The training moratorium extension comes just one day after MLS suspended the season till at least May 10 to adhere to the CDC’s guidelines of avoiding gatherings of 50 or more people for eight weeks. These are all part of the continued measure to help delay the spread of the virus through social distancing.

The United States has over 16,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of this writing with 169 of those in the state of Ohio. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced Friday the first death from coronavirus in the state of Ohio a little over a week after the first cases were confirmed. 14 cases have been confirmed in Franklin County.

No MLS players have tested positive for coronavirus as of this writing.

Massive Report will continue providing updates regarding the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the Crew and MLS.