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Crew officially debut new black jersey

The Black & Gold have a new black look this year.

Katie Witham models the new black jersey

Columbus Crew SC’s new black jersey was unveiled as part of the league-wide event during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday night. The jersey matches previously leaked images of a black top with small grey squares across the front of the jersey.

Harkening back to the 1990’s Adidas Equipment line, the shirt sports three stripes across the right shoulder. It’s a feature of all the MLS jerseys unveiled for the 2020 season. The Crew’s jersey features the stripes in yellow, as other teams will do them in their own colors. The rest of the yoke and sleeves are in the team’s traditional black.

The abstract grid on the front of the jersey softens the effect of the shirt, making the front appear more grey than the stark black that the team used traditionally.

Major League Soccer

The full kit is paired with black shorts with yellow numbers and black socks with three broad stripes across the top and the makers mark below. The back of the shirt presumably will have matching yellow numbers, a feature added to the Crew’s previous black kit.

Major League Soccer

The 2019 yellow kit was carried over and will remain the primary kit according to the team. Promo images show the jersey missing the Acura logo after the sponsorship ended in December. Columbus is expected to have a new jersey sponsor ahead of the 2020 season but none has been announced as of the jersey’s release.

Major League Soccer

The back of the jersey will include an image of Ohio with a star in the location of Columbus.

Rear neckline image
Columbus Crew

The interior of the jersey will include a tagline ribbon along the neckline, noting the team as a “Founding Club” of MLS. The graphic includes nine stars for the inaugural teams that carry this honor and only each of these teams will have these stars on their jerseys.

Tagline ribbon on authentic jerseys
Columbus Crew

The Crew’s 25th season kicks off on March 1 at MAPFRE Stadium against New York City FC with kick off scheduled for 12:30 p.m. ET.