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Join our MLS Fantasy league!

Join our staff in this year’s MLS fantasy league!

SOCCER: AUG 10 MLS - FC Cincinnati at Columbus Crew SC Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to be in control of a Major League Soccer team? Being able to pick key, quality players and win prizes? Well look no further!

MLS Fantasy is back, and you can join our league here at Massive Report!

Yes, your favorite Columbus Crew SC writers created an MLS Fantasy league and you can join and put your team up against ours to see if you can best us.

How do I play MLS Fantasy?

If you’re new to the MLS fantasy game, here is a rundown on how to get started.

Go to and click the ‘Fantasy’ tab. If you’re a returning member, great! If not, you will be required to sign up. This allows you to access. your team and make subs, check players stats, etc.

Next up, you will need a team name. Thing of something funny, clever or just go with your basic “John Doe’s Team.” You are in control here.

Finally, pick your players. You are allotted a certain budget to work with in order to draft your team. Your formation is a basic 4-4-2 with four subs on the bench, one sub per position.

Set your captain, click ‘Save’ and you are ready to go!

Now, there is something tricky.

Say for instance, the Crew take on FC Cincinnati at 3 p.m. ET. If you have any FC Cincy or Crew players in your lineup, you can not sub them out once kickoff happens. You can change any other players, but not those particular ones. Your best bet is to look at any injuries, suspensions or international call-ups in any of our How To Watch pieces, or by checking the league website, to make sure you get your right players in and take non-playing players out.

2020 has changes!

So, now that you are set up in MLS Fantasy, it’s time to look at the changes that were made for the 2020 season.

Locked Team Budget

When picking your team as mentioned earlier, your starting budget is $125 million. This is a significant increase from past year’s presence, where the budget started at $100 million, but increased at times depending on how your team performed.

The $125 million is set all season, leveling the financial playing field for all teams.

Double Game Week Scoring

In the past, if you have a player that has a double game week (DGW), you would count both scores. (Ex: Pedro Santos against FC Cincinnati and Toronto FC.) You took both scores of that player for both games and add them together.

Now, instead of doing both scores, you take the best score that your DGW player has and tally it up, essentially eliminating the other points your player acquired for their other game.

One Season, Many Winners

You now have the ability to test yourself in both public and private leagues, as well as the new MLS Fantasy Champions League. In order to qualify, you must place in the Top 50 in any of the four qualifying rounds during the season.

The Champions League is an eight-week battle to crown the best of the best.

Now, to join our league!

Once you’re all squared away and ready to put your team into play with other players from around the world, join our league! You do that by clicking here, or find our public league (Massive Report - SB Nation) on the site.

We look forward to battling it out in the fantasy world!