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PODCAST: The Crew Review - Recapping the Crew vs. New York Red Bulls

We gave our immediate reaction to the Crew keeping the MLS Cup hopes alive

The Columbus Crew began its 2020 MLS Cup playoff run on Saturday afternoon with a 3-2 win against the New York Red Bulls. This means the Black & Gold now advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals next weekend.

Columbus’ match was a rollercoaster of emotions for Crew Review host Andrew Atkins and this week’s cohost, Tyler Fisher, As always, this week’s Crew Review breaks down the game as the hosts recap and review the Black & Gold’s performance. This week, however, things go off the rails a bit as Andrew’s emotional overreaction goes to a dark place and starts a thread of an arguably polarizing opinion being shared throughout the show.

Here’s what to expect from the newest edition of The Crew Review:

  • Andrew’s “emotional overreaction,” is it time to replace a longtime staple for the Crew?
  • Tyler scours the hotel he’s occupying in hopes of finding some peace and quiet.
  • Is Pedro Santos the Crew’s MVP for 2020?
  • How did Derrick Etienne Jr. go from the “worst-best” to “best-best”?
  • What had Andrew finally giving compliments to referees?
  • How far do Andrew and Tyler think the Crew will go in the 2020 MLS Cup playoffs?

Find out the answers and more in this weeks Crew Review Podcast below, or wherever you get your podcasts: