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PODCAST: The Crew Review - Recapping another winless road match

Hear our immediate reactions to the latest Black & Gold. draw on the road

Adam Miller returned to The Crew Review, joining host Andrew Atkins, the Columbus Crew postgame show where Andrew and a rotating co-host from Massive Report recap and review every Black & Gold match.

In this edition, the hosts broke down the latest road result (or lack thereof) for the Crew, as the club traveled to Houston to take on the Dynamo.

As always, the hosts gave their “emotional overreactions” to the Crew’s performance, before breaking down the highlights of each half and giving their overall thoughts of the game. After the match, the hosts named their “best-best” and “worst-best” Columbus players of the game and gave predictions for the upcoming match against D.C. United in the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Following their review of the match, the hosts always turn it over to you, the listeners, to hear your “Crew Review,” reading your review live on air before the end of every episode.

Here’s what you’ll get in this edition of The Crew Review:

  • “First Shot” trivia, as Andrew proved this match was boring
  • Does the fate of the MLS Cup playoff run depend on a high seed for Columbus?
  • Why was Houston a bigger threat for themselves than Crew were?
  • Adam’s non-silenced cell phone dings
  • When was the last time Columbus won in Texas?

Check it out below, as we review... the Crew.