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Anatomy of a Goal: Artur hustles home his first regular season goal

This week we look at Artur’s goal that powered the Crew to a win against NYCFC.

MLS: New York City FC at Columbus Crew SC Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Anatomy of a Goal, where each week we dissect one goal (or near goal) from Columbus Crew SC‘s previous match.

For match 18 of the 2020 MLS Season, we take a look at Artur’s 26th minute goal that gave the Crew a 1-0 lead against New York City FC as part of Columbus’s 3-1 win on Sunday.

Here is a look at the goal from Black & Gold’s defensive midfielder.

The Crew entered Sunday’s match against NYCFC winless in the team’s previous four matches and in desperate need of a result. After a few listless performances, Columbus opened the first half of the match with one of the team’s better first 20 minutes of the entire season. Homegrown rookie Aidan Morris, the only bright spot in a dreadful match against FC Cincinnati, set the tone early with efficient tackling and great passing. The rest of the team fed off this energy and found themselves with multiple chances to take the lead against New York City during the first portion of the match.

Artur’s first regular season goal for the Black & Gold begins with a throw-in deep in the NYCFC defensive end.

Milton Valenzuela picks up the ball from Emmanuel Boateng and searches the field for throw-in options.

Valenzuela spies Artur and hurls the ball out in front of the Brazilian midfielder.

Artur gets out in front of the ball as it rolls toward the end line.

Surrounded by New York City defenders, Artur turns and carries the ball toward the sideline.

Artur shields the ball from Alexander Ring as Ismael Tajouri-Shradi shifts to cut off the passing angle back to Valenzuela.

Artur shifts away from Ring and carries deeper toward the corner.

After he gets to the corner, Artur turns to face up with Ring.

Ring is able to get a foot onto the ball, but deflects the ball onto Artur’s shin.

Artur keeps control of the ball while the battle for possession with Ring continues.

The Crew midfielder stays with the ball and finally finds a path just around Ring by sending the ball forward into space.

Once he gets around Ring, Artur has four options. He can continue carrying the ball toward the goal, play a quick pass forward to Gyasi Zardes, play a diagonal pass to Boateng or hit a drop pass to Valenzuela.

Artur spots Zardes and hits a quick pass toward the striker.

Zardes prepares to receive the ball and also has four options. He can play a touch pass back to Artur, who has continued his run toward the goal, turn and attempt to beat Maxime Chanot on the dribble, make a quick drop to Boateng or play a touch pass to Valenzuela.

Zardes knows exactly where Boateng is positioned and plays a clever flick back to the winger.

The ball rolls toward Boateng who clearly has a number of options in front of him. He can play a quick square to Valenzuela, make a pass back forward to Zardes, take a shot on goal from a tough angle, play a cross into the penalty box toward Derrick Etienne or carry the ball into the box.

Boateng hits a first-touch pass into the box toward Etienne. The ball will have to be closer toward the goal side of Keaton Parks if the pass will make it’s way to Etienne.

Artur, in an offside position, and Zardes continue moving toward the center of the 18-yard box as Parks sticks his foot out toward the ball.

Parks is able to just get a touch on the ball, sending a weak roller toward Chanot and Zardes. Zardes appears to be either offside or JUST onside, but the ball comes off of Parks, negating any offside positioning.

Zardes is able to get a foot onto the ball before Chanot and redirects the play toward the goal.

NYCFC’s defense scrambles to recover as Zardes turns the ball toward the goal.

With Alexander Callens bearing down, Zardes can either continue to carry the ball forward or get in a quick shot on goal.

Notice the positioning of Artur. From this vantage point it appears that he is either offside or just a few inches onside.

From the side angle, we can see that Artur is about half a yard offside. If Artur were to receive a direct pass from Zardes, he will likely still be in an offside position.

Zardes prepares to take another touch as Callens JUST gets a foot to the ball. Here you can see Callens’ left foot nudge the ball toward Artur.

Because the ball heads toward Artur from a Callens touch, it does not matter whether the Columbus midfielder is in an offside position (he was).

Artur picks up the ball and takes a touch toward Sean Johnson.

Johnson makes himself big, as he did multiple times in the first half, leaving Artur with only a tough shooting decision.

Artur aims for the nutmeg and shoots a low shot between Johnson’s legs.

Artur’s shot rolls under Johnson’s legs . . .

. . . and into the back of the net!


  1. The build-up to this goal wasn’t the prettiest, but it did show the Black & Gold’s focus and desire that was present for much of the match against New York City. Artur is able to hold off Ring until he finally finds a way around the clever defender.
  2. Zardes once again uses a clever flick to find a wide-open teammate.
  3. Boateng’s pass toward Etienne was just not good enough. Fortunately, Parks deflects the ball right back toward Zardes.
  4. Then, Callens has his own deflection to Artur, nullifying a potential offside call and sending the midfielder to his first regular season goal.