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Massive Introductions: Who Is Abigail Hintz?

Help us welcome one of our newest writers and learn a little about her.

Editor’s note: As Massive Report expands its staff in the coming week, we will introduce each new member by having them write a little something about themselves to help the MR community get to know them. Who are they? What’s their soccer background? How long have they been a fan of the Crew? Whatever they want to share to introduce themselves to our great and loyal readers. Today is Abigail Hintz.

First of all, I just have to say, “Hi, Dad.”

I had to get that out there first because he is probably more excited about this opportunity than I am. He is, after all, the reason I have any interest in sports at all.

Growing up, soccer was always around me. Whether I was playing it, my sisters were or it was on TV, there was always a soccer ball in my line of sight. I wasn’t really the competitive type when I was young, so it honestly got a little annoying. Somehow, though, my dad knew I had a passion for it somewhere in me because he still dragged me along Columbus Crew SC games and the soccer fields as much as possible. Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to go himself . . .

Regardless, his persistence worked. Around high school, I began to fall head over heels in love with the sport. The U.S. Women’s National Team was a selling point for me. I dreamed of playing on the world’s biggest stage, just as young girls everywhere did. It was inspiring how they were such a dominant force in the soccer world.

In high school, when I aged out of my soccer league, I began coaching a youth team to stay involved. I was going to Crew games as much as possible and watching each and every one. No joke, I skipped my homecoming dance to go to a Crew game. It was awesome.

One of my favorite moments at MAPFRE Stadium was seeing former Crew player Ethan Finlay step on the pitch in red, white and blue instead of black and gold. I’ll never forget when he scored, and the stadium exploded. Yes, his goal was revoked due to an offsides call, but it was still the most incredible soccer experience of my life. It secured my belief that soccer fans are some of the coolest people around.

Soccer is a family affair at the Hintz household, which means the Save The Crew era was a hard one for us. Now that we’ve made the hashtag past tense, we are all looking forward to this new era in Crew history that is likely to be the best yet. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting time by joining the Massive Report staff.

Currently, I am a student at Cedarville University where I am studying broadcasting and digital media with a concentration in journalism. I work for Cedars, the student newspaper, as a sportswriter. I am excited to take that experience to the next level covering the greatest team the world has ever seen with Massive Report.