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Massive Introductions: Who Is Jimmy Lentz?

Help us welcome one of our newest writers and learn a little about him

Former USMNT Forward Eric Wynalda and Jimmy Lentz at a 2018 National Soccer Town Hall in Columbus

Cheering in the closed end of Ohio Stadium with my dad while watching the very first Columbus Crew SC game back on April 13, 1996, was an unforgettable experience that resulted in a thrilling 4-0 win against D.C. United. This game confirmed that something big involving soccer in Columbus was unfolding.

Born and raised in Columbus, I played soccer through my freshman year at Quinnipiac University. I still kick the ball around with friends in town, as well as with my soccer-loving nephew. I graduated from Quinnipiac with a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a major in Broadcast Journalism. As the Resident Sports Writer for 614now in 2018, I wrote a lot about the Crew as the team competed on the field for results while local leaders formed a strategy to address the Save The Crew uncertainty.

I have been fortunate to have attended a nearly countless number of Crew games throughout the team’s 20-plus year existence, along with some great soccer games nationally and internationally. A few of these games include the 2006 World Cup (USA vs. Italy was one of these games), Bayern Munich against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League in late 2016, the Netherlands vs. Spain in the early 2000s, Dos a Cero matches in the 614 and the 2008 MLS Cup in Los Angeles. In addition to following and cheering for the Crew and the U.S. Men’s National Tteam, my favorite teams are Bayern Munich and the Netherlands.

For Crew and Dos a Cero games, the MASSIVE mentality is a badge of honor to wear as a Black & Gold fan and Columbus native. And to now be covering the Columbus Crew with Massive Report is a great opportunity for which I am thankful. I look forward to writing articles — reporting the latest news and analyzing Crew tactics and player performances on the pitch — attending games and meeting the players and coaches, as well as new fans this season.

That first spark for the Columbus Crew in 1996 led to the first soccer-specific stadium in the United States in 1999 and then subsequently to hosting the incomparable Dos a Cero matches that made Columbus THE home for the USMNT. With a new Crew stadium projected for 2021, this season will add a reassuring foundation for exciting new benchmarks coming for the Crew, its fans and the city of Columbus.