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Hey You! Yes You! Massive Report is looking for contributors

Do you want to cover the Crew? Then we want to speak with you.

Do you like soccer? Are you constantly looking to write, talk or tweet about soccer? Do you like Columbus Crew SC? Are you constantly looking to write, talk or tweet about the Crew? We might be a perfect match. The Black & Gold are entering a new era under new ownership and Massive Report is looking for new contributors to help carry us and the fans into this new era.

Massive Report is the biggest online blog exclusively covering the Crew and we try and do it in our own way. We rival The Columbus Dispatch and any other Crew-related outlet in our coverage and readership and Black & Gold fans throughout the community respect the work we do. We are also part of the bigger SB Nation community, meaning we have resources that other outlets may not.

What are we looking for? Multiple things.

For one, we would like to add talented writers that are passionate about the Crew and soccer to our staff. This could be anything from analysis pieces, game coverage, helping with social media, breaking news or something we haven’t even thought about yet that you might want to add. We’re looking for creative people that want to get involved covering Columbus’ soccer team.

Secondly, we would like to expand our podcast staff. If you’ve ever wanted to sit around with a group of other Crew fans once a week and talk about the latest news and thoughts regarding your team, this is for you. We’re planning some different things with the podcast this year and we would like to add new fans with unique opinions that will bring something different to the show.

We are also always looking for other creative ways to cover the team. Are you interested in photography? We have two great photographers that are always looking to work with new fans and help them develop. Do you have talent working with video? We could certainly use some creative ways to incorporate video into our coverage. Are you a keen-eyed editor? We could always use help polishing our stories. Is social media your specialty? Sleuthing for the next breaking Crew story? Something else? All of those things could be useful on our staff and we welcome new ideas.

What’s in it for you? That’s a great question.

For one, Massive Report is a great résumé builder. Even if sports journalism isn’t your ultimate goal, showing potential employers that you can write and have been published by a respected company is always attractive. If you are looking to get into a writing/media/sports industries, this is a great first step. You will get to help cover a Major League Soccer team with a growing interest. Your work will be noticed in Columbus and beyond, even by the most important of Crew staffers. If you are a college student looking for an internship, we can certainly help with that and have provided such outlets for people in the past and are presently doing so for one of our staff members.

We regularly cover games, practices and other Crew events. There are opportunities to come to these events and interview the likes of Caleb Porter, Wil Trapp, Zack Steffen — until he leaves us for Manchester City — and others and build your stories around that. There are also opportunities to be in the press box at MAPFRE Stadium — and down the line at the new Crew stadium — and be involved with our game day coverage. This is a unique opportunity for all those who’ve ever wanted to cover a professional sports team.

Most importantly, Massive Report provides an outlet for you to write about, discuss, contribute to your favorite thing: the Columbus Crew. You will get to work with our talented staff that loves this team just as much as you do and that always creates a fun work environment.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, email Please include samples of your work — be it writing, podcasts, whatever — along with why you think you would be a great addition to the staff. If you have no prior experience in the field but believe you can contribute in some way, show us why. We’re open to giving people new opportunities

We look forward to hearing from you and adding to our staff ahead of what is no doubt going to be a Crew season to remember!