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City of Columbus responds to PSV’s motion to stay discovery

The City of Columbus has asked the court to dismiss PSV’s motion to hold off on discovery.

San Jose Earthquakes v Columbus Crew Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

In response to Precourt Sports Ventures and MLS’s April 13, 2018 motion to hold off on discovery until after the court has decided on their motion to dismiss (filed on Friday), today the City of Columbus has submitted a memo in opposition to that motion to stay discovery.

The City’s memo, submitted by Columbus City attorney Zach Klein, argues that PSV and MLS’s most recent motion to dismiss raises multiple issues for which discovery is pertinent. Specifically, the City argues that discovery is necessary to determine who the relevant owner of Crew SC is, whether the owner of Crew SC does or does not receive financial benefit from the City of Columbus or State of Ohio, and the content of an LLC agreement between MLS and it’s members which has not been released publicly.

Additionally, the City argues that it’s co-plaintiff, the State of Ohio, had submitted the broad discovery request and that the City had yet to make a request for discovery.

Many of the issues raised in the multiple motions filed by both parties in this case should be addressed in the May 3, 2018 status conference. Stay tuned to Massive Report for more analysis on this case.