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Local fan edits Precourt Sports Ventures’ ‘Commitment to Community’

PSV releases a lovely letter to the City of Austin, but as one user points out, it has several flaws.

It’s safe to say that Precourt Sports Ventures hasn’t received the warm welcome in Austin, Texas that it originally hoped for. PSV began its endeavor by going all in on Butler Shores Park, but those plans couldn’t get off the ground as they were met with tremendous resistance from Austinites.

Focus shifted to Guerraro Park, but again those plans look bleak as Austin City Council voted 11-0 in favor of taking the park away from consideration for a Major League Soccer facility. PSV needed to call an audible yet again, and now shifts its attention to McKalla Place.

On Tuesday, PSV released a letter called “Commitment to Community.”

In this letter, the ownership group makes pledges such as allowing the community “use of full stadium, free of rent, one time per year for AISD (e.g., graduations, city soccer championships for boys and girls, etc.)”

PSV also pledges things like a “partnership with local organizations on development of a neighborhood cultural celebration, including a music and arts festival with revenue sharing component for the city,” and even promises a contribution of “$90 million over the first 25 years of the soccer stadium’s opening.”

Our Patrick Guldan offered his two cents on the ongoing saga in Austin, but social media is on fire with fans pointing out flaws in the “Commitment to Community.”

One user on Twitter struck fear into the hearts of writers everywhere as they utilized the red pen to edit the “Commitment to Community” letter. Below are some helpful observations that PSV may want to consider going forward.

Sometimes it helps to get a second set of eyes on things. Perhaps PSV is saving its best for the inevitable “parallel paths” discussion with the City of Columbus.