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[PODCAST] 2018 Will Sure Be Interesting

Well, 2018 is finally here. With it come many questions and little answers.... so far. On the field, Gregg Berhalter has made significant moves and adjustments that bring optimism to the 2018 Columbus Crew season. Off the fiels, that’s another story. Many questions still remain with regards to the team’s future. And we talk about them all

- 2017 recap

- STC recap

- where we stand as of today in the possible move

- off season recap

- Draftees

- Departures

- Signings

- Needs yet to be filled?

- Pre Season games recap

- Pacific Rim Cup

- Charleston Challenge Cup

- STC documentary

- Season Predictions

- standout player

- most improved player

- surprise player

- team finish in the conference

- The Crew season ends in ........

- other season predictions (STC/Attendance/ups+downs, etc...)

- % if Crew SC moving after 2018 season

- preview Toronto game