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Save The Crew briefs fans on success and what lies ahead in 2018

After a strong showing last year, what does the grassroots movement have in store for this year?

Ralph Schudel - Massive Report

A massive crowd of approximately 200 loyal Crew SC fans braved the remains from Friday’s massive winter storm to fill the main taproom at Land-Grant Brewing Company.

Fans made the trip to the downtown bar to hear from Save The Crew leadership about what has been accomplished since the group was created just three months ago.

Spokesman Morgan Hughes thanked everyone for coming to the event, and his speech began with a sobering reminder about the now infamous night of Oct. 16 when soccer reporter Grant Wahl leaked a story about Anthony Precourt’s desire to move Crew SC barring the construction of a downtown stadium.

Fans pack the backroom at Land-Grant to hear from Save The Crew leadership
Ralph Schudel - Massive Report

Hughes continued his speech, talking of the following day when he met with fellow supporters at Hendoc’s Bar. Hughes recalled having conversations with fans and it feeling like a “funeral.” It was a dark time in the history of the Crew, but from the ashes arose hope and a belief that this didn’t have to happen.

He attributes that night to being the birth of the Save the Crew movement, and is quite happy with what the grassroots movement has become. Hughes took a moment to list all that Save the Crew accomplished in 2017.

After Hughes listed Save the Crew’s success, he took a moment to speak about the sustainability of STC. Even touting that the group will be around long after investor-operator Anthony Precourt retires.

John Zidar spoke briefly about how the leadership team communicates and puts ideas into practice. Website creator Tom Davis talked about the history of and how it is continuously evolving. He spoke about how STC is utilizing the website to see how its audience is growing and evolving. Davis even laid plans out for a potential rebrand later on.

Tobias Roediger and John Zidar then spoke on how Save The Crew is marketing their message both domestically and in other cities. The messages included references to an advertisement that ran prior to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the “Dear, Austin” video that has now surpassed over 300,000 views worldwide.

The duo also had one more announcement, that a Save the Crew jersey was on the way, and Morgan Hughes said the order will be placed on Monday.

Following that announcement, Save the Crew leadership opened up the floor for a question and answer segment.

One thing is for certain, Save the Crew is a very adaptive group. Crew SC fans had a hellacious end to 2017, but made the best of a bad situation. Collected and organized, Save The Crew is poised to accomplish great things in 2018.