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Eagles defense soars; defeat Indianapolis

Columbus stay undefeated and atop of the WPSL

Shauni Kerkhoff tallied eight saves and earned her first clean sheet of 2017 in WPSL.
Ken Tishenkel

The Columbus Eagles stayed unbeaten in WPSL play as they beat FC Pride of Indianapolis by a score of 1-0. Earning their first victory ever against the club. They previously were (0-3-3) against FC Pride.

FC Pride attacked the Eagles defense with a high press early on, but the defense weathered the storm. Lisa Nouanesengsy scored in the 22nd minute on a goal from an impossible angle.

After the game Nouanesengsy admitted disbelief when she scored, “I had no idea.” The Eagles defense was able to defend their 1-0 lead with a solid performance from Shauni Kerkhoff.

Kerkhoff put on a world-class performance between the posts for the Eagles stopping eight shots in route to her first clean sheet of the WPSL season. She quickly credited the defensive play in front of her for the success, “I feel really connected with the team, I think we have a good rhythm.”

Kerkhoff also appreciated the vocal leadership of Corie Moore and her partnership with fellow back Monique Hanayik.

The Eagles keeper wasn’t the only one who noticed the dynamic partnership on defense. Eagles Head Coach Mark Wise also spoke highly of the defenders. Particularly Hanayik, “You have to be good to earn Corie’s respect, that’s a guarantee. If you are not playing well, she will speak her mind.” Wise added, “Monique is new in that position, she has come a long way and should have been recognized as a back earlier in her career.”

Wise remains incredibly impressed with his players this season, “We’re two games in and we have six points.” He was quick to sight failures of seasons past and he is filled with optimism for this campaign, “I think i’m a little bit in shock...I know we have quality players and we play a good game.

Larissa Najjar suffered an injury in the later moments of the match. She went down hard on the turf after losing her footing. Wise spoke with the trainer and said, “Larissa, we will have to wait and see.” He commended Najjar’s replacement Alexa Cheripko saying “Alexa stepped up and did a great job.”

The Eagles attempt to go for three wins in-a-row when they welcome Fire & Ice FC to Otterbein Memorial Stadium on June 4th at 1pm.

Lisa Nouanesengsy scored in the 22nd minute to give the Eagles a 1-0 lead.
Ken Tishenkel