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Which players are giving Crew SC the most bang for the buck?

A look at MLS player salaries released on Tuesday

MLS: Toronto FC at Columbus Crew SC
Toronto FC’s Jozy Alitdore is making 57 times as much as Columbus’ Alex Crognale.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year ... the release of Major League Soccer player salaries!

OK, so maybe all of you haven’t been anxiously anticipating this moment, but it’s still an interesting look at the league’s financial ecosystem.

Here’s a list of player salaries for Columbus Crew SC:

2017 Columbus Crew SC Player Salaries

Club Last Name First Name Pos Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Club Last Name First Name Pos Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
CLB Abu Mohammed M $165,000.00 $171,250.00
CLB Abubakar Alhassan "Lalas" D $65,000.04 $72,500.04
CLB Afful Harrison D $280,000.00 $296,666.67
CLB Crognale Alex D $84,996.00 $84,996.00
CLB De Lima Junior Artur M $80,004.00 $99,879.00
CLB Duka Dilly M $175,000.00 $175,000.00
CLB Finlay Ethan M $290,000.00 $290,000.00
CLB Francis Waylon D $227,500.00 $251,875.00
CLB Hansen Nikolaj F $65,000.04 $72,500.04
CLB Higuain Federico M $1,050,000.00 $1,050,000.00
CLB Hollingsworth Marshall M $54,075.00 $54,075.00
CLB Jahn Adam F $92,500.00 $92,500.00
CLB Jimenez Hector M $150,000.00 $150,000.00
CLB Kamara Ola F $450,000.00 $482,500.00
CLB Ketterer Logan GK $53,004.00 $53,004.00
CLB Maloney Connor D $53,004.00 $53,004.00
CLB Manneh Kekuta M-F $138,875.00 $168,375.00
CLB Martinez Cristian M $65,633.40 $70,133.40
CLB Mensah Jonathan D $750,000.00 $844,000.00
CLB Meram Justin M $300,000.00 $328,750.00
CLB Naess Nicolai D $235,000.00 $242,500.00
CLB Obinwa Abuchi M $65,004.00 $65,004.00
CLB Raitala Jukka D $125,004.00 $161,670.67
CLB Saravia Rodrigo M $65,625.00 $65,625.00
CLB Sauro Gaston D $585,000.00 $601,312.50
CLB Steffen Zack GK $105,000.00 $105,000.00
CLB Stuver Brad GK $80,004.00 $80,004.00
CLB Swanson Ben M $85,000.00 $105,416.67
CLB Trapp Wil M $300,000.00 $350,000.00
CLB Williams Josh D $110,004.00 $110,004.00
2017 Columbus Crew SC Player Salaries

Notable observations? Well, start with this:

Obviously the Black & Gold will miss Artur for the next few weeks, but his invaluable contributions thus far have come at, well, quite the value.

As far as other Columbus newcomers, Mohammed Abu has guaranteed compensation of $171,250, while Alex Crognale’s rookie guarantee sits at $84,996.

Compare that to the salary of the player many want to see Crognale permanantly replace, Jonathan Mensah. The designated player is on $844,000, which is second on the team to Federico Higuain. Gaston Sauro, whose injury certainly played a large role in the necessity of Jonathan, is on a salary of $601,312.50 (give the man his 50 cents).

For Crognale, that means he’s making pennies on the dollar compared to most the strikers he is trying to stop make.

Pipa is making $1,050,000, actually a slight pay cut from last year (1,175,000).

Justin Meram’s fruitful contract extension lifted his salary from $185,000 to $328,750, while Wil Trapp’s extension boosted his salary to $350,000 after making $178,250 a year ago.

MLS: Toronto FC at Columbus Crew SC
A contract extension this season saw Justin Meram get a large raise.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ethan Finlay received a $40k raise, while Hector Jimenez saw his salary jump $45k.

After a breakout first season, Ola Kamara’s salary rose $25k.

Tony Tchani, who was traded for Kekutah Manneh with many citing salary relief as a benefit of the move, is being paid $308,333.33. Manneh is at $168,375, meaning Crew SC shed nearly half of Tchani’s salary in the trade.

Around the league, Kaka remains MLS’ top earner, at $7,167,500.

The rest of the top six, in order, are Sebastian Giovinco (Toronto FC), Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Andrea Pirlo (New York City FC), David Villa (NYCFC) and Giovanni Dos Santos (LA Galaxy).

Some of those have been better values than others.

Toronto, NYCFC, Orlando, Chicago and LA lead the league in total salary, to no one’s surprise.

The bottom five spenders (from highest to lowest) are New England Revolution, D.C. United, Minnesota United, Montreal Impact and Houston Dynamo.

Columbus is 15th out of 22 teams in total salary, and is 14th in median salary.

Interestingly, two of the lowest total spenders, Minnesota and Houston are first and third in MLS, respectively, in median salary. San Jose Earthquakes are second.

This seems to indicate that depth of mid-level players are not as worthwhile as having some high-end spending.

Another interesting note is that Dallas, one of the best teams over the past few seasons, does not have a single player making seven figures. Colorado, meanwhile, has had one good season but mostly struggled and currently features three players on seven-figure salaries.

To see a complete MLS player salary listing, click HERE.