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Columbus Crew SC supporters testing out changes

Changes could soon be coming to the Nordecke.

Chivas USA v Columbus Crew Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Reports have surfaced this week that leaders from the various supporter groups within the Nordecke are organizing and planning on trying something new. Something that hasn't been seen in Columbus Crew SC culture before.

The groups are planning to incorporate the use of capos.

What is a capo? They are individuals who are commissioned with the responsibility of leading a chorus of vocal supporters. They capos, who are typically placed in front of a designated section, lead and engage the supporters in songs and chants to energize the team on the field.

Nordecke traditionalists have always avoided the use of capos because they feel that it takes away for the individuality of the corner. The supporters in the corner pride themselves on chants beginning organically, meaning one fan can start a chant and if it catches on it truly can be massive.

When the Nordecke is in full voice and functioning as a well-oiled machine, the collection of supporters groups can be as powerful as some of the bigger sections in the league. Recently, the Nordecke has fallen on hard times and it has been most noticeable when the team is down late or Crew SC concede.

The corner becomes quiet, only having a few fans looking to keep the spirit alive. It impacts the entire stadium and the tone of the match completely changes.

Crew supporter Tony Galiffo is one the individuals spearheading this campaign for change. He declined an interview but he did release this statement on his personal Twitter in regards to the matter:

No doubt this issue has been quite polarizing, but it appears a capo will be in place for a Columbus match for the first time at MAPFRE Stadium when the Black & Gold take on the Portland Timbers on Saturday, March 25.

It will be intriguing to see the execution and how the supporters groups will come together. The Nordecke has endured change before and it will endure change again. Time will tell if this change will be good for fan culture.

What do you think of this hotly debated idea? Are you in favor of capos or not. Tweet me your thoughts @schudel_ralph or let us know in the comments below.