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Help Wanted: Massive Report may be looking for you

We plan to expand our team, and we want talented individuals like yourself to join it.

Sam Fahmi

We at Massive Report love covering Columbus Crew SC and try to make it one of the best sites for news, opinions and analysis about the team. We can always use more help and so we are asking you. If you like digging up the latest Crew SC rumor, keep track of the latest Academy results, or have your season tickets to the Buckeyes soccer or Columbus Eagles this includes you.

Take a look at some of the roles we are looking for below:

News Contributor: This is a role for people who have alerts for #CrewSC on twitter or a finely honed Google Search Alert. We are looking for people that want to spread the word of the latest news, with your opinion of course, with our readers. Contributors are the backbone of this site, they provide content for us whether that be news, opinions, analysis, and a plethora of other ways to provide content for this site.

Editor: If you find yourself constantly noticing grammatical errors when reading news on the internet or constantly correcting your friends’ grammar on social media, or constantly correcting your mom’s grammar when she sends you a text, you would fit in well as an editor for Massive Report. If you think you would enjoy editing here, don’t be hesitant to reach out

Media Specialists: If you are Social Media Guru, or great with photoshop, or if you can create videos like it’s nobody’s business, you would thrive as a Media Specialist for Massive Report.

Experience is not necessary. If you are an experienced blogger, all the better, but we are happy to work with people who want to try their hand, share their passion, and learn. There is no limit or minimum age to join us; if you believe that you have skills let us know. This is an opportunity to grow, learn, and meet others who love soccer and Crew SC. If you’re interested in any way, be sure to seize this opportunity!

Even if one of these roles doesn't match your skills, reach out anyway. Our goal is to be one of the best sites that covers Columbus Crew SC and that can include you. Please fill out the questionnaire below: