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Attorney General Mike DeWine ready to sue to keep the Crew

Save The Crew got one step closer to the courtroom

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Yesterday Ohio Rep Mike Duffey asked Attorney General Mike DeWine to consider suing Columbus Crew SC and MLS to keep the team in town if they attempt to leave. DeWine considered and has now committed to legal action if required according to a statement released today.

The statement confirmed that the AG is firmly in the Save The Crew camp with the ending paragraph providing the rational for the move.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has reviewed the law passed after the Browns’ move. We believe the evidence will show that this law would apply to the Columbus Crew and Mapfre Stadium. As Attorney General, should ownership of the Columbus Crew initiate a move of the team without complying with Ohio law, I am prepared to take the necessary legal action under this law to protect the interests of the State of Ohio and the central Ohio communities which have all invested to make the Columbus Crew a proud part of our Ohio sports tradition and help Mapfre Stadium earn its reputation as ‘Fortress Columbus.’

This law has not been used since being put on the books in 1996 after the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore. It appears on track to get it’s first test very soon.