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Save the Crew releases a message to Austin asking fans to help the cause

The next step is going straight to the heart of those in Austin.

Since Anthony Precourt announced he was considering moving Columbus Crew SC to Austin, Texas in mid-October, those behind the Save the Crew movement have done plenty to make sure that won’t happen.

Rallies, meetings, banners, letters, an app, nearly everything you can think of was done and created to make sure the right people are aware that there is passionate support for Crew SC in Columbus and the team should remain in its original city.

Meanwhile in Austin, Precourt Sports Venture has done what it can to drum up support for a Major League Soccer team coming to the city, including fan parties and political votes on public land for a stadium.

Save the Crew is now taking the fight straight to Austin, releasing a video from local fans asking for the people of Austin to stand up against this move because it takes the team away from a city and a fanbase that wants it to remain.

“Austin, you deserve a soccer team, but one truly your own. Not our team. Not our Crew.”

This video puts a face on Save the Crew in the Austin community and really humanizes what taking a team away from the city of Columbus means. Good move by those at Save the Crew.