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Twitter recap: Austin City Council passes resolution to identify stadium sites

What developments arose from the meeting with Austin City Council?

Last night in Austin, TX, the potential move of Precourt Sports Venture to relocate Columbus Crew SC to Texas’ capital city took another step when the city council unanimously voted to pass a resolution that instructs the city manager to find city-owned sits for a potential Major League Soccer stadium and practice facility.

Despite cold weather (by Texan standards) and poor traffic conditions, a modest crowd showed up at Austin City Hall to lend their support to the cause.

Then it was time to get down to business as the Austin City Council began the discussing the possibility of Major League Soccer coming to Texas.

The resolution gives the city manager a deadline of December 7th to report back to city council on their findings.

Perhaps one of the more controversial statements of the evening came from PSV attorney Richard Suttle who said: “We have an opportunity in Austin, Texas which there are 12 other cities in the country competing to get an expansion team exactly what we’re being offered here tonight (is) to not have go to through the expansion process,”

This statement resonated heavily on social media:

One of the other interesting facets of the “MLS2ATX” movement is that the social media account for PSV seems to be operating behind enemy lines within the city of Columbus.

Several users pointed out the location tag in which MLS2ATX was looking to give a shirt away to a supporter and relay general information.

Despite the news from Austin, fans are doing everything they can to keep the Black & Gold in Columbus. Even potentially gaining another powerful ally as James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, offered his support to the #SaveTheCrew movement.

These developments add a bit of intrigue to the meeting on Nov. 15th in New York City between MLS commissioner Don Garber, Anthony Precourt, Columbus Partnership CEO Alex Fischer and Mayor Andrew Ginther.

One thing is for certain, this situation doesn’t seem to have a resolution in sight anytime soon and fans will have to continue to up the pressure in order to Save the Crew.