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WATCH: Columbus Crew SC players react to the news of potential relocation

The Black & Gold players are trying to stay focused and positive.

It was news no fan wanted to hear or saw coming; Columbus Crew SC could relocated to Austin, TX.

This shocked the Crew SC world on Monday night when word came out that owner Anthony Precourt was willing to move the team if a deal for a new stadium downtown could not be reached.

There was plenty of reaction by fans and media alike, but what about the players?

Members of the Black & Gold’s leadership council were made available to the media on Tuesday following Precourt’s conference call. As expected, the team attempted to keep a positive attitude in the midst of a playoff run, not willing to admit anything is “set it stone” just yet.

Head coach Gregg Berhalter led the group and set the tone for his players’ outlook on the situation, looking at the bright side of the club’s owner’s ambition.

Two local players spoke to the media in club captain Wil Trapp, a Gahanna native, and defender Josh Williams, who comes from Copley, OH,

The always-posed Trapp echoed much of the sentiments of his head coach, while Williams showed more emotion about the situation.

Winger Justin Meram also revealed that this news was as shocking to the players as it was to everyone else.

And Designated Player Federico Higuain admitted that the news was still fresh and something he was not familiar with.

If, as expected, the club does announce a relocation in the future, there will be much more reaction from players, who will have to deal with the physical move from a city, Columbus, many have called home for a long time.