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Crew SC Ratings in FIFA 17 are out

The 2017 soccer sim is set to release next week and many Crew SC fans are wondering how the team rates. We got you covered.

Hand on the heart: In the heart of Crew SC - The Nordecke
image - Sam Fahmi

That time of the year is finally here. Your favorite football sim is set to launch in a week, on September 29th. (today if you have early access on Xbox One). To kick off the launch, EA Sports has released official player ratings for all of the players in the game. You’ll find 1,200 articles talking about Lionel Messi or Real Madrid, so we will leave those well aside. This is straight Crew fare, with a side of MLS.

Leading the Crew

Leading the top of the ratings for Columbus, and the only gold-rated player is Federico Higuain. A slight notch down from last season, but he still retains his spot as one of the highest rated players in the league; 19th highest overall.

I agree with his nerf, but question if it is enough. After all, Mauro Diaz is rated the same as Higuain. Not to mention Frank Lampard and Nicolas Lodeiro sit only one higher.

Steve Clark sits as the second highest player on the team and with that is the sixth best goalkeeper in the league. Just shy of his 72 rating is Ola Kamara and Ethan Finlay at 71 each. While Finlay’s rating may be fair (or even a tad high?), I think Ola got shorted a bit. But he did improve 4 points overall since last season, so maybe that is a fair change.

Fill out our survey at the end of the article to give your own input on the ratings.

Crew SC in FIFA 17


Crew SC Forwards - FIFA 17
Crew SC Forwards - FIFA 17
EA Sports

Attacking Midfielders

Crew SC Attacking Midfielders - FIFA 17
Crew SC Attacking Midfielders - FIFA 17
EA Sports

Defensive Midfielders

Crew SC Defensive Midfielders - FIFA 17
Crew SC Defensive Midfielders - FIFA 17
EA Sports


Harrison Afful (70), Waylon Francis (67), Corey Ashe (66), Hector Jimenez (65), Chad Barson (63)
Crew SC Wingbacks - FIFA 17
EA Sports


Gaston Sauro (70), Nico Naess (69), Michael Parkhurst (68), Tyson Wahl (64)
Crew SC Centerbacks - FIFA 17
EA Sports


Crew SC Goalkeepers - FIFA 17 Ratings: Clark 72; Steffen 64; Stuver 63; Pacifici 55
Crew SC Goalkeepers - FIFA 17 Ratings
EA Sports

Player Highlights

Many FIFA players love having pace on their team, and if you are going to use Columbus in seasons mode or manager mode, slotting Cedrick on the wing may not be a bad idea given his raw speed. He will be a popular choice in MLS Ultimate Team squads as he is the 5th fastest player in the league. Like in real life, he lacks the finishing ability - so using him up top may be a risky move.

If you want some more consistency, Ethan Finlay still has enough pace (89) to terrorize those slow, bulky defenders.

If you're looking to skill, Justin Meram is going to be about your only bet. The team has a few 3 star skill players, but Meram is the only 4 star skiller. I'd say this is a realistic assessment of the team, as most players are more oriented to passing. The Iraqi international does have 65 finishing, 68 long shots, and a killer 76 curve rating - I'm going for the meat hook every chance I get!

Every team needs an enforcer and Tony Tchani is one of the best in the game. That’s right - not just MLS; the whole game. With the 10th strongest player in the game you are not going to lose many battles. What he may lack in pace or pure defensive ability, he makes up for with his sheer physicality. You know your friend who thinks every team is Barcelona and he always fields 10 tiny midfielders? You are going to have a field day with Tony Tchani.

Not every player got a lot of loving though. Marshall Hollingsworth has a 16 Defensive ratings despite primarily playing wingback while on loan in Pittsburgh. Corey Ashe ranks behind Waylon Francis despite being first choice. But supposedly, Ashe is faster than Waylon... Meram makes a claim of being valued higher than Finlay; and Christian Martinez didn’t even make it into the game.


Overall, Columbus is right in the middle as far as MLS teams rate in FIFA 17. In fact, although a few players have decreased a point or two, the team as a whole has increased a net 20 points.

Not surprising given the success last year, but the rough 2016 season may make people question some of these ratings as being too high… Others, may find them low.

So that’s where you come in. We at want your feedback on the FIFA 17 ratings - Who do you think is undervalued? Who do you think is overrated? Fill out the short survey below to let us know know your thoughts!

Survey: Crew SC Ratings in FIFA 17

Results will be posted next week.

You can view the full Crew SC player stats in FIFA 17 on the EA Sports FUT Database