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With a trade in the works, Twitter gives a look inside Kei Kamara's final days with Columbus Crew SC

The embattled striker took in his trade saga the same way you did — while having fun on social media. Here is a look at his final tweets as a member of Crew SC.

Never shy, Kei Kamara shares final days with Crew SC through social media.
Never shy, Kei Kamara shares final days with Crew SC through social media.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It was a roller coaster of a ride over the last few days for Columbus Crew SC fans, but imagine how it was for forward Kei Kamara. Fortunately thanks to social media, you kind of can.

We're not going to rehash what happened with Kei, because you should already know if you're reading this (if not, click here), but instead take you on an adventure through what the now former Columbus forward was going through.

Kamara admitted to Massive Report on Tuesday that he was not happy, despite the smile he wears on his face. "That's just me," he said. Kei kept his good face on his Twitter.

Let's begin before the match that caused all the controversy. The forward was hanging out with his good buddy, and another former Crew SC player, Dominic Oduro.

Then he retweeted a rather happy fan (who may not be so happy any more).

And of course, there was his hilarious pin of Didier Drogba, who ultimately got the last laugh.

Following the Montreal debacle, when the rumors of Kamara being on the trading block emerged, the striker tried to reassure Columbus fans that he was going nowhere.

He even was doing some research for upcoming Crew SC opponents during his free time.

Or scouting his future teammates, depending on who or what you believed was going on at the time.

Then Kei gets excited about a Blas Perez bicycle kick goal. It's definitely exciting, but did he get that excited when Federico Higuain did the same in the season opener?

I guess he just has a thing for bicycles.

Then, there's finally news. And Kamara has a little fun with it.

And, just in case you wondered if he would let things go, now that there was some resolution. Well, this is Kei Kamara we're talking about. He has some fun on the way out the door.

What this whole episode has really had us scratching our heads about is why a millionaire uses a trash bag to pack.

Is that it from Kei Kamara? Is he done enjoying the storm roiling around him? Only time will tell.

Oh, and Crew SC travels to New England on July 9 and August 20. Kamara returns to Columbus for the first time for a nationally televised game on Sept. 25. Our guess is he won't suddenly fall silent on social media.