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Introducing The Massive Report Book Club

Massive Report is proud to announce the first selection for it's brand new series - The Massive Report Book Club.

In our continuing efforts here at Massive Report to bring you informative, entertaining content, we have decided to do something a bit different. As you may have seen on Twitter (or heard on the Podcast), we are launching a Massive Report Book Club. Each month (or thereabouts) I'll be writing an article covering a book relating to Crew SC, soccer in America, or the game in general. We've decided that this should be a real book club, so we're giving you, dear MR readers, the chance to get involved.

What does that mean, exactly? We're giving you an opportunity to join the discussion, both here in the comments and on Twitter with the hashtag #MRBookClub. It won't quite be an e-read-along, but I'll be posting my thoughts as I re-read the books for the articles, and encourage you to do so as well. Regardless of if it's your first reading of the book or your hundredth, I think there's plenty of great discussion to be had.

But what's the book? What could possibly be worthy to kick off an endeavor like #MRBookClub? To be honest, there was really only one choice, only one book fitting to kick off a Crew SC themed book club. Our first book will be A Massive Season by Steve Sirk. Steve is, in my humble opinion, a treasure, and his chronicle of our 2008 title winning year is the pinnacle of Crew SC writing. There was really no other choice.

For those of you without a copy of the book, it is available on Amazon, and not to spoil my forthcoming review, but you should buy it. For those of you who already own it, it's time to get it out and take a trip back to 2008, and join our discussion.

The first Book Club article will be going up sometime around the middle of next month, so there's plenty of time to secure a copy of the book, get caught up on it, and join the fun. Make sure to comment blow or join the discussion on Twitter with your thoughts on the book, or even the 2008 season in general. We'd also love recommendations for future Book Club selections. We have a few on our shortlist already, but are always welcoming ideas.

Keep your eyes peeled, and Stay Massive.