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U.S. Soccer brings a pop-up shop to Columbus for the Mexico game

Need some gear for Friday? U.S. Soccer has you covered.

Let’s play out this scenario. You look in you closet this week and realize you don’t have the latest U.S. national team gear. Better yet, you’ve been wearing what you have all week in anticipation of Friday’s game with Mexico, but you didn’t think to wash it.

There’s no time to order anything new online and you know Dick’s Sporting Goods never carries any good soccer merchandise.

No fear, U.S. Soccer has thought ahead and installed a pop-up shop just for you and Chrit Webster is the man who helped make it possible.

“By bring a pop-up shop like this, it might seem like something that’s little but it really starts striking a note with the people around here and really showing that it’s not just about the game, but what’s going on with the entire experience of it,” he said. “So by working closely with them on this and making sure that we have a presence here to really provide official gear and just all these little tools and scarves and everything.”

The shop, located at 1112 N. High St., just south of 5th Ave. on the east side of the street, has everything you would need before another Dos a Cero game. From jerseys to t-shirts to jackets to hats, you can find whatever you need to be ready for Friday’s U.S. game.

On top of the normal apparel, you can also get name and number kits put on your jerseys if you’d like to customize them for just $35. Also New Era is doing a deal. If you buy one the company’s hat, you can get a special embroidery for the U.S.-Mexico game free at the Thursday night FanHQ or at the match.

With helpful employees and in a convenient location, I recommend checking out the shop which will be open until Saturday.