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This Train is Definitely Crashing- A Book on Crew Away Days

The host of the Massive Report Podcast has an idea, but he needs your help.

Matt Goshert, the host of our very own Massive Report Podcast, needs your help. He is curating a book of stories about trips Crew SC fans have taken to see the team play on the road. But he needs your help to get the project off the ground. He has started a Kickstarter to try to fund the project.

As the Kickstarter page shows, there are some cool rewards for contributing, but if you can't contribute, helping spread the word is also important. There's just over a week to go in the fundraiser, but they're a long way from their goal, and could use any push in awareness.

One of the best parts of Crew fandom is how so many people create amazing things to support the club, independently, on their own, from #TIFOSWEAT to the Mini-Nordecke. This book would be another valuable addition to that lineage, but it can't happen without the Crew Community's help. Please consider helping in whatever way you can.

Stay massive, friends.