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Parkhurst's instagram feed shows training camp fun

Amid the usual, the Crew SC captain highlight's the absurd.

Crew SC preseason under Gregg Berhalter is predictable, especially the first part. The team works on fitness and the gradual warmup into the season. There aren't any exhibitions to cover. It's very low key and doesn't give us much to write about.

However, occasionally there's a gift like today's picture out of camp from Michael Parkhurst.

Caption Contest! Winner takes home a pair of game worn boots.

A photo posted by Michael Parkhurst (@mfparkhurst) on

How does this even happen? That vehicle is up to the wheel well in mud. Is that a trench or is it a hole? Who was driving? Is this a bizarre attempt at a team building exercise? Did they get the car out or did they have to call a tow truck?

Frankly, I'm baffled. Surrounded by pristine training fields, the car ends up deep in the mud. I have so many questions and so few answers.