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The scouting report on new Crew SC signing Gaston Sauro

Sauro is a physical presence who might be the player to give the defense a little more toughness.

Michael Kienzler / Getty Images

Gaston Sauro comes to Crew SC with a long pedigree with stops in Argentina, Switzerland, and Italy before moving to MLS. European based writer and scout Kristan Heneage recently scouted Sauro and passed along a few notes on what fans can expect on Crew SC's newest addition.

"He's very tough though, no problem with things getting physical" Heneage noted. "(I'm not) worried about him making that move to MLS."

Heneage added a bit of caution on Sauro's physical nature, "The problem with guys like that is though they can sometime blur the line - Aurellin Collin springs to mind."

As for Sauro's other strengths? "(Sauro is) no slouch in the air" Heneage added, "but only a defensive end, he's not going to chip in with any goals." Likely to be paired with Michael Parkhurst, Sauro's aerial ability will help with teams trying to go over the top on the Crew SC defense.

And he should fit in well with the Crew SC locker room with Heneage reporting he was well liked in the locker room.

Sauro lost his starting spot during the summer of 2014 with the change in coach and the signing of a prospect for the second division so he was loaned out to Catania. The loan suited him according to Heneage "He seemed a little smarter after his time in Italy."

Heneage noted one key limitation. "He's not the best with his feet." That can be a distinct disadvantage in a Gregg Berhalter's possession based system.

Final thoughts from Heneage? "Quick for his size, but what you'd call a 'limited defender'", adding "If you give him limited responsibilities he's not a bad player".

It remains to be seen how he will fit into Berhalter's system, but Sauro is a physical, MLS ready, talent. He may be the perfect fit for a team that's been considered soft, especially on defense this year.

CORRECTION: The article originally stated that Sauro lost his starting spot with the promotion of a youth player. The player was actually signed from the second division and replaced Sauro. Massive Report regrets the error.