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The Newest Member of the Kamara Family Helps Bring Joy to Daddy Kei

Life is always bigger than soccer, but sometimes people don't realize until it hits them.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was disappointing for nearly everyone involved with Columbus Crew SC. The Black & Gold lost their second straight game and stretched the team's winless streak to five games.

One member of Crew SC didn't let the loss bring his day down, after Kei Kamara and his wife Kristin witnessed the birth of his first child, a daughter, before the game.

"It was a beautiful day, I have to be honest, despite the result of our game," Kamara said this week. "For me to be out there and to be part of the team, just knowing that something amazing happened to our family earlier that morning."

The 2-1 loss to the Montreal Impact saw the Major League Soccer's leading goal scorer held without a finish. Kamara had 10 shots in the match, but put only two on goal. The striker admitted that his head may have not been entirely in the contest after the miracle of birth earlier that day.

"I really, really, really wanted that win so bad to write that down as part of the history," he said. "I think a little bit of that focus may have gotten me off my game a little bit to put some balls in the back of the net. But again, people tell me it's all a part of the game. Move on and look forward to the next one so that's all I have to do."

For those who have children, they know what a handful a newborn can be. This is made even more difficult when Daddy is professional soccer player, who spends many weekends traveling around playing games.

"We have family in town to help us," Kamara said of his situation. "But it's a blessing to say you have a child. My wife is great. Everybody's doing well and now we're just happy."

It worked out well that Kamara's daughter was born when the Black & Gold were in Columbus, but it was close.

Crew SC played two of their three games last week on the road and were only home for three days. Kamara was not concerned about missing the birth though, as a plan was in place in case Kristin went into labor while he was gone.

"A great plan in place actually," he said when asked if there was discussion of what to do if things happened earlier than expected. "It helped to have coaches that have four, three, and four [kids]. They've been there before so definitely they know how to handle situations like that. So they planned it really well and if anything were to happen, they had me covered."

Kamara reiterated multiple times that he wants to be with his team and doesn't want to miss any games for Columbus, but if things had worked out differently, the striker would have been present for the birth.

As things move forward Kamara wants to be a part of both families. His one at home as grown by one, but soccer family is also important.

"Soccer, I come out here and that's another happiness in me," he explained. "Now it's two parts of my world that I can always be happy so I can't complain."

Like with any father, Kamara can't be there for everything. Whether he's at practice or away with Crew SC, there are moments the new dad might miss. Just like other families, Kei and Kristin will use technology to make sure everyone is included.

"I think it's tough because you don't want to miss all the little moments. If anything happens, all the changes and all that," he said after practice on Tuesday. "Then again, that's what phone cameras are for. SnapChat and all that. I'm sure when I go inside right now, I'll see a lot of videos."

Things are going well for Kamara this season. On the field, he's become the fastest player in Crew SC history to reach 10 goals in a season and he sits two goals ahead of his closest competition.

Off the field, he and his wife have become proud parents, a name they are still getting used to hearing.

"I think that's going to be through time," he said. "It's definitely a good thing. Again, it's a blessing to be in that category.

"I don't think it has [set in], but it all depends with time. As time goes and little things that happen, the roller coaster, and that's when I'll appreciate it more."