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Columbus Crew SC to Abandon Gold Shirt in 2016

Massive Report confirms Crew SC's major change in uniform for next season.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been happy with what you've seen on the field from Columbus Crew SC, you won't have to wait long to see it change.

Not the play on the field, but the jersey itself.

Many fans were very happy with what Adidas did with the Crew SC jerseys for 2015, but Massive Report can confirm that 2016 will see a major change.

So long iconic "gold" kit. Welcome back white jersey.

Last week, we released a post featuring the 2016 Adidas catalogue that featured the current black Crew SC jersey and an image of the seal of Columbus instead of another kit. Speculation was rampant as to what this might mean going forward. Could this be something pointing towards the secondary jersey? Does this indicate a possible third jersey?


Massive Report has learned that the Black & Gold will go forward in name only, as the current secondary kit - the black jersey that made its return this year - will officially become the primary, and the second jersey will be white featuring "funky colors."

The source with knowledge of the new jersey alluded to the catalog as reference for the "funky colors," meaning the jersey will likely feature the different shades of blue, yellow, red, and white that adorn the seal of Columbus.

With this change, 2016 will mark the first time since 1999 that Crew SC has not had a gold kit.

Crew Jerseys

Since 2007, the Black & Gold have worn the gold uniform, affectionately dubbed by some as the "banana kit," almost exclusively and the bright yellow color has become synonymous with the Crew around the league.

"The team is Black & Gold so you can't just stick to one," forward Kei Kamara said at the jersey releases party before the season kicked off.

"Everybody in the country, when they see a yellow team, everybody know it's Columbus Crew."

From 2012-14, Crew SC had a primarily white alternate jersey as well to compliment the gold kit. The white was seen infrequently until a year ago when Columbus began to wear the secondary uniform a bit more.

Columbus head coach Gregg Berhalter said last year that he liked the idea of having different options for the team's uniforms and that was a reason fans began to see more than just the iconic yellow.

The Black & Gold have worn the gold kit eight times in 2015, while wearing the black seven, including the international friendly with Valencia CF. The black has seen more number of home matches, where the gold was the constant for years, five to three, than its counterpart.

This is nothing new from Adidas, the uniform supplier for MLS. The Chicago Fire, the Colorado Rapids, and the New England Revolution all have jerseys based of their local flags and other teams have drawn inspiration from city colors.

The difference is that none of them have gone away from the color the teams are known for, but Crew SC will do that for at least the 2016 season.

Fan reaction will be interesting with this news as the gold jerseys have seen many great moments in Crew SC history, including the team's Supporter's Shield and MLS Cup-winning season in 2008.

Vote and comment below to voice your opinion on this change for the Black & Gold.