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The People's Ratings: Columbus Crew SC vs. D.C. United

Don't disappoint the graders, out came the proverbial red pen this week.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Individual errors and a team effort, the panel wasn't impressed with Crew SC getting blanked on the road and looking unconvincing on offense. Only Emanuel Pogatetz and Federico Higuain acquitted themselves anywhere near well in the eyes of voters.

GK: Steve Clark: 4.90 (SD .97) - Goalkeeping errors are often front and center and Clark recorded the lowest score of any starter. His handling on the second goal likely stuck in everyone's head.

RB: Hernan Grana 5.29 (1.23) - One of many sending in crosses as D.C. was prepared for how Columbus would attack.

RCB: Michael Parkhurst 5.37 (.81) - Was put in a difficult position on goal number one, and was burned trying to cover two players at once out of necessity.

LCB: Emanuel Pogatetz 6.15 (1.18) - The only steadfast performer on the backline that got stretched on the quick United counters.

LB: Waylon Francis 5.35 (1.18) - Lifted at halftime in hopes of reviving a sputtering attack. He wasn't the (only) problem.

CM: Mohammed Saied 5.70 (1.30) - With Crew SC's push for width, Saied was charged with cycling possession.

CM: Tony Tchani 5.85 (1.27) - Much like Mo, he did his best to get the balls to the right attackers, it was just the final ball that was lacking.

RW: Ethan Finlay 5.95 (.94) - A few moments that impressed on an offense stuck in neutral.

CAM: Federico Higuain 6.30 (1.17) - His high energy earned him the best mark on the team, even if it didn't translate into a goal or an assist.

LW: Justin Meram 5.00 (1.17) - Flat performance and his missed 50/50 challenge lead to the first D.C. United goal. Lifted at halftime.

ST: Kei Kamara 5.65 (.93) - Wasn't able to conjure up a moment of magic as he was the biggest target for a team looking to pump the ball into the box.

SUB 1: Kristinn Steindórsson 4.95 (1.15) - Seen as a step down in his half as he replaced Meram. The offense didn't improve.

SUB 2: Chris Klute 5.70 (1.53) - Berhalter's change of pace got better marks than Francis, but he was still subpar. His high standard deviation also meant that many disagreed with how well he did.

SUB 3: Hector Jimenez 5.30 (.73) - Another uninspiring sub for Berhalter. Jimenez struggled to make anything positive happen.

Coaching: Gregg Berhalter 5.10 (1.33) - In a game begging for different offensive ideas, Crew SC pumped in 42 crosses.

Officiating Crew 6.40 (1.05) - A well called game with not much to complain about.

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