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Updates from Valencia CF's Wednesday Training Session

Here's how it went at Valencia's practice ahead of the team's friendly with Crew SC.

Columbus Crew SC take on Valencia CF of the Spanish Premier Division, La Liga, on Wednesday night. The morning before the match, Los Che trained at MAPFRE Stadium. Here are some notes from their session.

  • Not many people there to start, with more arriving as the practice progressed. There were eight-10 Valencia supporters in full regalia, who ended up being extensively filmed by a camera crew.
  • After a brief warm up/stretching session in the center circle, the team broke into two teams of 10 for possession drills. They stuck with these teams for a half field 10 v. 10 scrimmage.
  • Valencia appeared to press high, though that could be a by product of the short field. Team Orange favored the right wing and quick balls from the keeper, followed by some killer crosses.
  • After maybe 15-20 minutes, they started in on set piece training. First the team worked on corners, followed by free kicks served into the box from the wing, then penalty kicks.
  • Cool down was target practice from outside of the 18-yard box.

Other Assorted Notes

  • Frankie Hejduk was out and about, offering Valencia coaches sunglasses, which they politely turned down. He then started giving them to fans in the stands. Later he popped up in the south end, retrieving a ball that had cannoned up there during target practice.
  • Valencia had people on hand giving free memorabilia to fans, such as key chains, pins, even scarves. Got told "thanks for coming" several times.
  • Matt Lampson appeared at the tunnel at one point, looked like he was on some kind of stationary bike.
  • Valencia's team spirit was noticeably high. Lots of laughter, a few arriba's, even razzing the goalie who got beaten badly in the shoot around. They look relaxed and loose and appeared to be enjoying themselves.
  • Anything else you'd like to know? I tweeted pictures and updates.