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Hey! Columbus is a great place - make it better with the Big Give

We all know how Columbus is pretty darn great, now you have another chance to make it even better.

Sam Fahmi

I see that people are saying mean things on the internet about Columbus borne out of ignorance and a desire to banter. Much to the chagrin of some of the other writers on staff, I don't really do banter. I'm like a banter black hole.

I could talk about the natural wonders of Ohio like Hocking Hills or I could point to the beautiful MetroParks around town (Battelle-Darby is my favorite). We have a preeminent research university in town. There are wonderful libraries everywhere. The vibrant economy is diverse. I'll only add that our food and drinks scene is excellent (and our taco trucks are second to none).

There is a lot to like about our fair city. This is an attitude that many share:

It's not stuck in the past:

We even have a sense of humor about living in Columbus.

But now I'm losing sight of why I started this whole thing. Rather than focus on the negativity, I'd rather make Columbus even better. Luckily you have just that opportunity today. The Columbus Foundation is a charitable organization that helps programs around Central Ohio. 630 organizations actually - organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus to help revitalize Weinland Park or CHOICES a shelter and service provider for people suffering the traumatic effects of domestic violence. There is likely a cause near to your heart.

So take a few minutes and consider a donation to the Columbus' Foundation's Big Give event. You have until Wednesday, May 13th at 10am to make Columbus an even better place. Donate at