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Vote for The People's Ratings: Columbus Crew SC vs. Seattle Sounders

Voting opens for the collective wisdom of Crew SC faithful.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

We always give Man of the Match when we win games, but we’ll keep that between us. It was a very strong match by a lot of guys. When I think from the goalkeeper all the way up, I think everyone performed well. - Gregg Berhalter after the 3-2 victory

Plenty to chew on as Columbus Crew SC came up big against the Seattle Sounders and took all three points. Who was your MOTM. Did the officials get it (mostly) right or did they blow it. Vote now!

As always, a few guidelines for grading out the players and the scale Massive Report uses. We go 1 to 10, with 6 being an average performance. A team full of average 6's will likely pull out a narrow home win while dropping points on the road.

1 - Not a pro
6 - Average performance
10 - MVP quality (Guillermo in MLS Cup)

Votes will be tallied between now and Tuesday evening at 8:00pm.