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#HUMANSINTHENORDECKE - Bringing real people and real soccer together

Massive Report Podcast's Morgan Hughes has your ticket to the Nordecke.

Massive Report's own Morgan Hughes, subject of my second Word on the Street column, has started something I think is pretty cool, and would like you (yes, you) to know about. After seeing the Crew Supporters Union start their Heroes of the Nordecke program this offseason, where they raised money to get tickets for military servicemen and women, Morgan decided he wanted to do something in an effort to get more people out to the Nordecke. So he has created #HumansintheNordecke.

What is #HumansintheNordecke? Well, Morgan has bought two season tickets located in the Nordecke. The beginning of Each week on Monday, if it is a Saturday match, Morgan will make a thread on Reddit (r/themassive) taking nominations for that week. You can nominate ANY HUMAN to receive the tickets. No reasoning required. No affiliation required. He will enter all those names in to a random choice selector, and the power of Skynet will select who gets the tickets.

So why am I bringing this to the front page of Massive Report? Mostly because in my time talking to folks at tailgates, over this site, over Twitter, I've heard a lot of folks, people who really love the Crew (SC!) and love coming to the games, talk about how they're intimidated to check out the Nordecke, for various reasons. I think this is a great way to get some folks who may want to check out what all the craziness is about to do just that. It could also be used as an "outreach tool" for lack of a better phrase, to get someone out to a match who has never been before. As I learned from my chat with a first-time attender, sometimes the Nordecke itself can be a big attraction to a match, and this could well make a fan out of someone who previously had no interest.

So keep your eyes peeled to r/themassive, or keep an eye out on Twitter, as I'm sure Morgan (@morgan_hughes) will be tweeting about it. Or follow me (@krislandis) , since I'll be spreading the word about it there when the first thread gets posted.

See you all at the Stadium, where ever you sit.

Stay Massive