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The People's Ratings: Columbus Crew SC v. Vancouver Whitecaps

Bright spots in the ratings after Wednesday's tie.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

A road tie puts people in a good mood. The team averaged a 6.16, a bump up from the 5.71 against New York. That rating is a little above the MLS average performance of 6.0. Kei Kamara was the near consensus Man Of The Match with an 8.1 rating, with a standard deviation of .98. Hector Jimenez faired less well with a 4.95 rating at right back.

GK: Steve Clark: 7.25 (SD 1.18) - Clark's many reaction saves impressed the voters.

RB: Hector Jimenez 4.95 (1.26)  - Jimenez was tasked with containing Manneh and he struggled against his pure speed.

RCB: Michael Parkhurst 5.50 (1.17) - Another rough outing in the eyes of the fans. He memorably was caught wide on the Whitecaps first goal.

LCB: Tyson Wahl 5.43 (1.20) - Many thought Wahl was overmatched against the powerful Whitecaps offense.

LB: Chris Klute 5.46 (1.45) - Klute divided opinion unlike any other Crew SC player with the larger standard deviation. Wednesday was seen as an improvement, but still not up to standards.

CM: Wil Trapp 5.35 (1.11) - Trapp lasted 45 minutes before leaving due to injury, but like the rest of the midfield, he was seen as overrun.

CM: Tony Tchani 5.67 (1.27) - Slightly better performance than his partner in the eyes of the crowd, but still subpar.

RW: Ethan Finlay 6.60 (1.12) - Finlay's speed impressed when Crew SC was able to counter. He helped set up the first goal with his direct attacking.

CAM: Ben Speas 6.27 (1.21) - Solid, but not showy performance as the player underneath Kamara.

LW: Justin Meram 7.02 (1.13) - His heads up play set up goal number two, but his total performance shined.

ST: Kei Kamara 8.10 (.98) - Consensus that Kei was the key to Crew SC's victory.

SUB 1: Mohammed Saied 6.13 (1.05) - His steady and calm play was seen as a strength as Columbus was put under extreme pressure.

SUB 2: Chad Barson 5.87 (1.04) - Relieved Jimenez and stepped up to the challenge.

SUB 3: Kristinn Steindórsson 5.31 (1.03) - Took over for Speas as the central attacking midfielder, but struggled to get in the game as Crew SC were pinned back.

Coaching: Gregg Berhalter 7.02 (1.49) - Consensus was the boss put together a good game plan, but the highest standard deviation suggests there is plenty of debate on that effectiveness.

Officiating Crew 6.72 (1.36) - A good shift by Drew Fischer's crew.

How close did you come to the wisdom of crowds? Let us know in the comments below.