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Public Service Anouncement: Direct Your Anger Appropriately, Not at the Ticket Reps

The ticket reps jobs are miserable now, they are selling a product that may not exist. Don't make things worse.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 season looming and the very real possibility of a strike on the horizon,  I want to have a heart to heart with Columbus Crew SC fans. If you know a fan that doesn't read this blog please share this with them.

Here's my message for supporters, please, take it easy on the ticket reps at One Black and Gold Boulevard.

I spoke with a member of the sales staff and I believe him when he tells me he knows nothing more than I do about an upcoming strike. And I know no more than you do. We all follow the same Twitter feeds. Calling them to "figure out what's going on" will be a fruitless endeavor.

He told me that he has been fielding a plethora of phone calls from angry fans wanting to know what will happen to their tickets and money if games are canceled. Two things about this stand out, but let's address what will happen if there is a strike. I don't know what the plan is, the ticket rep wouldn't clue me in, but assured me that a plan is in place.

Readers, think of what this ownership has done for us over the last year: They rebranded into the best crest in the league, put $100,000 into Columbus Crew Stadium, offered record dollars for Crew SC for Mix Diskerud and signed Federico Higuain to a record deal, engaged fans positively on Twitter, Andy Loughnane even showed up to help paint a tifo,and do not forget, credited the supporters for the checker pattern on the crest. Anthony Precourt has always put fans first and we have every reason to believe he will do so again. Whatever happens with the season and tickets, we can have confidence we will be taken care of.

The last thing I want to address is the anger. I understand you're angry. I am one of you. I'm angry too. I'm angry that we don't get the respect we deserve, I'm angry it's zero degrees outside, and I'm angry that the season starts on March 7 and I might not have American soccer to watch. I'm tired of watching overpayed players in England and I want to watch the grit and pride of the MLS.

The ticket reps have nothing to do with, and can do nothing about, a work stoppage. They want to watch Steve Clark do his "YES!" chant just as much as you do. Direct this anger to the right place: the unfettered medium of social media. Let us, and your fellow Crewaholics be your therapy group. We can empathize, let you vent, like your tweet, or call you a blockhead, and then buy each other drinks afterwards.  The ticket reps have a job to do; they can't be what you need. Their jobs are miserable now, they are selling a product that may not exist. Don't make things worse.

So put on your coat, grab a glass, and rage-message away. We're here to help. But please, unless you want to buy something, let the ticket reps be. Remember, this is their Crew SC too.