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20 (Over)Reactions from the Crew SC Preseason Loss to FC Dallas

I didn't become a blogger to respond with a level head to things. So in true Crew-aholic fashion, here are 20 over-the-top reactions to Crew SC's 3-1 loss to FC Dallas

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

I'm writing this after watching a replay of the first preseason game after my wife and baby went to bed. My name is Matt, and I'm a Crew-aholic. I plan to attend the support group that meets at the Nordecke Saturday evenings starting March 14th.

A game like this, by design, leaves little in the way of takeaways. No meaningful tactics are shown, the squads rarely mimic the starting XI that will be seen on opening day, and the coaches have even admitted they aren't scouting the opposition.That being said, I didn't become a blogger to respond with a level head to things. So in true Crew-aholic fashion, here are 20 over the top reactions to Crew SC's 3-1 loss to FC Dallas .

Crew SC Nation is large and in charge

From the opening kick, chants for the Black and Gold were heard on the broadcast.

Clark kicked the long ball!

Last season Steve Clark was hellbent on rolling the ball out to his center backs. This year he is going to beat the high press by punting it to his holding midfielders. We did learn that Brad Stuver attempts the ball roll as well, but his effort went straight out of bounds.

Kevan George was everywhere

If there was a play happening in the defensive third he was there to break it up. Very impressive showing from the future All Star.

The names were not on the back of the Crew SC players "jerseys"

This could mean several things. One, Head Coach Gregg Berhalter and his players have finally got each other's names down and we can expect some real cohesiveness this year. Two, Crew SC is looking to embrace the "tradition" of college programs like Notre Dame and Penn State of the past and USC of the present. Three, owner Anthony Precourt hasn't gotten his party yet so the team wore their warmups.

From behind Michael Parkhurst kind of looks like an ogre.

This is not the worst thing in the world for a center back, unless of course you're Steve Clark and have to stare at his back side for 90 minutes.

Seriously, Kevan George was everywhere

Defending set pieces, in the box, he is breaking up everything. Tony Tchani better watch his back.

Columbus looks a little lost in the attack

There was trouble linking defense to the attacking players. This is likely going to be a season long issue regardless of personnel. The team is screwed.

Even when the attacking players have the ball they don't seem to know what to do with it

Very disjointed. It's like watching a baby seal walk on land for the first time (but it can also be very cute).

Chris Klute struggled to defend

Dallas attacked at will from his side and didn't do enough on the first two goals. Time to cut him.

I remembered Kei Kamara was playing when he got the yellow card.

At least he got into the stat book. Looks like Parkhurst's Fair Play Award is safe for another year.

Emanuel Pogatetz struggled

The big center back looked out of position and out ran most of his shift. He seemed to have made mistakes or missed his man on the first 2 goals. This may have been a massive mistake of a signing.

3-3 in the first half...

That is if you could the Crew SC's yellow cards as goals, which I did because I needed a reason to watch the second half of this game, aside from writing this piece of course.

Crew SC first half defensive line looked sluggish

Berhalter's fitness program is clearly a colossal flop.

I miss Wil Trapp so much it hurts sometimes

The U.S. international's absence was noticed with the way Dallas had free run of the midfield. And I have to believe if he was playing, the link up play would have been where it needed to be. Without Trapp, this team will be the poster child for relegation... if American sports fans can ever wrap their head around that concept.

Tony Tchani watched his back

He took control of the field as he did last season. He looks as if he will improve rather than regress.

Hernan Grana stands out

He is my current favorite to win the right back job. I don't care how many of next weeks articles I will have to rewrite. Also, his hair game is on point.

Romain Gall allegedly played tonight

The young midfielder was disappointingly invisible for most of his shift. Looks like his stellar performance with the US U-20s was a fluke.

Don't expect a fall off from Ethan Finlay

The winger had a great looking pass on the Crew SC's goal and another one on a close miss by Kristinn Steindorsson near the final whistle. His pace brings a different dimension to Crew SC. Get used to reading praise for him in my articles. I love this kids game.

Do I know my Icelandic midfielders or what?

Not to say I told you so, but in my second 6-Thought Box (a weekly column where I break down Crew SC news and games)  I said about Steindorsson: "He can fly and has shown a knack for being in the right place at the right time in the 18-yard box." And that's exactly what happened on his goal. Ignore his late miss and prepare to see many more goals from the Finlay-Steindorsson link up play, I'm talking like 18-20 minimum. Have I ever steered you wrong?

Overall, a disappointing start to the (pre)season

There were few bright spots though: George may be able to provide useful depth this year, Grana looks like a solid right back, and I expect big things from the Finlay and Steindorsson combo.

Until next time Crew-aholics.